God showed me a vision that connects to an event happening in March.

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Troy Black is a Christian YouTuber, author, and prophetic voice. His two simple goals are to be obedient to the Holy Spirit and to get the gospel of Jesus Christ in front of as many people as possible.



  1. Maybe the tornado ripping with the Masonic compass was showing the destruction coming from those in secret societies vs the spiritual mark of God on those who turned to Him being safe and protected by Him? Because in the Masonic Bible it talks about Lucifer being their God.

  2. Considering we are in the end times, I bet the spiritual mark of God is the same one mentioned in Revelation 14:1 “Then I looked, and behold, on Mount Zion stood the Lamb, and with him 144,000 who had his name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads.”

  3. Thankyou Troy for being obedient to the Lord. I have been seeing wedding rings in my visions. Thankyou for confirmation that the Lord wants to put a ring on my finger and fill me with his glory. I told the Lord he could put one on every finger and toe and fill me up. Amen

  4. It is now March 20 as I post this. Did anything he say happen yet? Please, don't make me listen to twenty minutes of filler. Most of these Youtube prophets usually give a one or two month 'cushion" expecting folks to forget and they can move on to the next

  5. Dear Lord please fill me wth ur holy spirit. My life is in your hands now & I am longing for our relationship to bloom. Please Lord Jesus show me the purpose of my life now…. I love u Lord Jesus wth all my heart & soul.. Please show me the way 🙌

  6. penalties,sin,etc,eat my flesh,drink my blood goodness is speaking and this is not goodness – yes evil is more cunning than we can possibly imagine i pray for us all for the truth from god of good

  7. You might have the gift of prophecy, but the gift of interpretation is a big fat no.

    2Behold, the Lord has one who is strong and mighty. Like a hailstorm or destructive tempest, like a driving rain or flooding downpour, he will smash that crown to the ground.

    The tornado you saw is this one who is the "mighty and strong" One. He is the mark of the living God, and because you do not know him, but only know profit and fame, you will get what you deserve stud…..Shame.

  8. This is a confirmation. I had a vivid dream I was praying for soul salvations and the Holy Spirit was sitting in front of me with a very beautiful smile and He told me don’t pray like that, pray like this and I gave Him my notebook and this is the prayer He gave me:


    Father, Son, Holy Spirit fill us with your love and forgiveness, crown us with your salvation,

    1 Thes. 5-8 ignite us with your holy fire Acts 2-3, so that we may be worthy to enter your presence, purify us and sanctify us with the miraculous blood of our beloved King Jesus Christ,

    Give us an immaculate heart according to your loving presence Ps. 51-10, cover us with your mantle of grace and seal us, Eph.1-13 and 4-30, 2 Cor. 1-22 with your seal of love and with your sacred name on our foreheads Rev. 3-12, 7-3; 14-1; 22-4

  9. this is so crazy!! i had a vision of a land on fire.. everything was destroyed. I WAS RIGHT OUTSIDE LSU when i had this vision. anyway.. everything was destroyed by black and red flames.. then there were people walking towards that fire. they were this long line of people holding hands and they were covered in a bright white and gold light. they started walking into the black fire and the fire was going out and behind them as they walked over the land the land was healed and there were trees, flowers and animals again. while i was having this vision i felt like my body was on fire.

  10. I have had many experiences when I received the holy Spirit and was reborn again an angel came to me in my dream and he was standing at a podium and he opened a book and he told me you're going to be okay so when you saw the word okay that ring about me I've had many supernatural experiences also in the real world not in dreams

  11. Oh wow , last night I dreamed I was on a beach with a couple of people , all of a sudden the black clouds gathered then we looked off into the distance and saw four tornadoes form and there heading towards our direction , I told the younger people to hurry up get your stuff and get far from here , the wind and storm was raging at this point and fear was palpable. I was the last one on the beach and I felt anger towards the storm and I yelled out to the storm to cease in the name of Jesus , but I yelled the word Jesus like JESUUUUSSSSS!!! and the storm instantly ceased , the sun came out , birds started chirping and grew ocean was perfectly still , I was laughing with joy !! I was trying to explain to 0eople that it was the name of Jesus who stopped the raging storm. But no one would listen 😕 😔 😪

  12. Excellent content design, organization and delivery, brother Troy. Note, regarding God telling you that "they will see" God's presence by the end of the TikTok video and then your struggle over believing that and then your decision to say it anyway realizing you didn't care if God would not show up and make you look stupid, that is what is meant by the verse "the kingdom of God suffers violence continually, and the violent take it by force". This is the "violence" of radical faith that is necessary to take hold of the power blessings of the Kingdom of God. A surrender of our pride and ego to God to do with as He so desires, this is a TRUST or FAITH in God that is a violent overthrow of the carnal nature of man. Point this out for the audience to understand and take note of in the future. It must be known how difficult true faith and trust in God is to our carnal nature so that they realize it is normal for this to be uncomfortable at first but necessary to push through. Be blessed Brother Troy & welcome to the world of the seasoned prophetic servant. Praise God for your persistence! Now, for the benefit of the fruits of your evangelistic efforts:

    THIS MEANS WAR! Now for those who have just received Received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, YOUR JOURNEY HAS JUST BEGUN, NOT ENDED. Immediately you must take the next steps to avoid becoming a casualty and statistic of the enemy's assault to make you "pay" for publicly embarassing him and potentially inspiring others to do the same. Do not underestimate the devils wrath! It is by design that you are not supposed to realize you've just been dropped into a "hot" warzone replete with invisible booby traps, academy award worthy double agent "actors", and persistent opposition from your carnal nature (i.e. the enemy within) that will resist your walk with God at every step. No, no, no I didn't say every other step, I said EVERY STEP. So be prepared to tell it to shut up and ignore it.

    STAND TOGETHER OR FALL APART: Immediately connect with seasoned believers and connect with a SPIRIT FILLED body of believers. Pray in Jesus Name that the Holy Sprit guide you in this and then EXPECT him too no mater how hard your flesh screams how silly that is. You will know them by their fruits. You will notice they quote the Bible frequently, are passionate in their worship time, and act "crazy", as if the supernatural is actully natural. Be aware and ready to ignore your carnal man's natural discomfort around such people. They are only in this world, not of it. So, of course, they aren't going to seem "normal" like you believe you are. As a brand new believer, if you don't initially feel somewhat uncomfortable around God's true servants then you aren't around any. Get over thinking that your existing paradignm of what is "sensible" still applies in this supernatural world you've just entered. Trust that you will eventually come to realize how naive and ignorant that paradyme was. Ask people you already know who are devout believers who act like this, or ask friends and relatives if they know anyone who acts "weird" like this or are described as "Jesus Freaks".

    Be bold and ask how much of the Bible they've read and how often they read it. Move on if they admit they haven't read the entire Bible at least once or do not have a regular schedule of reading it almost every day. If you are still having trouble feeling confident you've found the right people, then put in the effort to connect with people serving God in the community, like the Salvation Army, recovery or half-way houses or other types of services providers to the fringe and disenfranchised segments of your local community. Christian out reach events to the Homeless community are another way to meet these true servants.

    Getting this connection right as soon as possible is critical to moving into the power of God as soon as possible (the clock is ticking pretty fast these days). You must get out of your head the idea that just becaue someone attends church regularly or says they are a Christian that they are a "true believer'–that ignorance will cost you dearly (I have the T-shirt to prove it). The Church and the so-called "Body of Believers" has been infiltrated by the enemy and weakened to the state of complacency and weak, impotent faith—speaking generally. "Church" has now become the front line in the war between good and evil, it is not a place where you can let your spiritual guard down unless you want to get stabbed in the back or have your faith wrecked—again, I'm speaking in general here. Which is why it is so important to find true believers to join up with right now. These are the ones who get excited when they talk about Jesus, you will immediately recognize these people are obviously on "fire" and flow in the freedom of the Spirit. Avoid the spiritually dead, boring, complacent, do nothing dry prisoners of religion and legalism. In other words, not just anyone who, perhaps sincerely, says or thinks they are a "Christian" is a TRUE BELIEVER.

    GOOD HELP IS HARD TO FIND: Since you've prayed for and EXPECT (i.e. faith) the Holy Spirit to help, you will be pleasantly surprised that it won't be as hard as it seems I've described above. Equally important is that you get a Bible in your hand, on your phone and/or your desktop, start praying IN THE NAME OF JESUS, and reading His Word every day–this is a life-saving Christian discipline that is woefully underrated and often neglected. Don't mistakenly think this will be easy or come naturally–it will be a fight against distractions and heavy eyelids and excuses your flesh will come up with as to your need to do anything else but read the Bible. This, my new brother or sister, is your introduction to the very real but subtle battlefield of spiritual warffare. Ignore it, pretend it doesn't exist, or give in to it at your own peril. Unfortunately, you won't find many Christians who will explain this to you; you're welcome. How is anyone supposed to avoid being shot if they don't even realize they are on an invisible battlefield in the first place. To wrap this up, here are a couple of resources:




  13. I'm a Christian since childhood but I never heard God's voice in my ears because I only come to Him when I'm in trouble or sad. But that changed when I spent hours with him during the day when I can. When spending time with God is not a luxury or a nessecity anymore but a joy or just because.. that changes everything in my life. Jeremiah 29:11-13 confirms this relationship that you are talking about. Thank you for sharing.


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