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  1. I can tell that he has been online listening to REAL teachers of God speak about dreams. Now all of sudden he wants to talk about Dreams. All he has spoken about is Tithes and have kept millions in bondage. People have missed their Destiny because they mega pastors have not been speaking on this. SAD

  2. This is nothing new or unheard of to me for ' God has spoken to me and gave me visions in my dreams👀👃 that came to past as being exactly the way they were in my dreams " Iam A true believer because i have experienced this a few times in my life thus far " Glory Be To God '

  3. God speaks through his word. The body of Christ isn’t called to live and see by wonders, but by faith. God’s word is Infallible. If HES speaking to you through it you’ll know.

  4. i had vision when closed my eyes i was crying and i was walking up heavens stairs for a long time i started running and i automatically saw god and ran and hugged him. he comforted me and felt protected and loved

  5. God speaks to me through dreams once in a while. I dreamt of butterflies circling around my head and then went and landed on my grandpas head , it was funny and coincidental cause my grandpa is someone I’ve always looked up too and I hope to gain the patience and peace he has one day . The way I understood it was all the clutter in my mind can be discarded and should be morelike my grandpa bc the butterflies were drawn more to him as opposed to me cause his peace of mind

  6. It was 2017, December…
    I had a dream from God
    In the dream I see a gold colored kinda like gold dust type of swirling vortex come down over the top of my head.
    I am hearing this voice instructing me to go to the Dollar Store, I want you to buy 10 Christmas cards.
    Then I want in each of the 10 cards place a gold coin in the card.
    Then I want you to deliver each card 10) to the Homeless.
    When I woke up I said to myself whew, wow was that a message from God I asked myself. Never before had that happened, I said well if that was Him, I went out the next day, purchased 10 Christmas cards, placed a gold coin (loonie) in the center of it. Though God didn't tell me to write a message I felt compelled to write a Merry Christmas message, you are Special and worthy of Love. Closed the envelope.
    2weeks comes along and I get sick with bronchitis, but I gave God my commitment and as cold and wintery it was I followed thru.
    I asked Spirit you are gonna have to guide me as I haven't got a clue.
    All I can say, that experience was so amazing, I have not told anyone due to not being believed or ridiculed.
    So I want to say here, God bless you for bringing forth this message that I believe the holy Spirit wanted me to Hear….. thank-you

  7. I believe he does., before Corona.. I had a dream about the grim reaper standing over a city, still just waiting for people ..and it was extremely hot while everyone was going about their way.. he also put the Passover in my
    Spirit .. I was exposed to over 1000 cases and tested negative 4 times.. nothing but the Lord.. God is good .. stay blessed and encouraged everyone !💕🙏🏼 Let
    God lead you and guide you .. he knows the end from the beginning !💕🙏🏼


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