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God Told Me This Is Coming in 2023 – Prophecy | Troy Black


The Holy Spirit shared with me a very long prophetic message from God about the coming year! I pray this powerful word from the Lord encourages you and builds your faith today.

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Troy Black is a Christian YouTuber, author, and prophetic voice. His two simple goals are to be obedient to the Holy Spirit and to get the gospel of Jesus Christ in front of as many people as possible.



  1. Hello, I was praying a while ago before watching this that God will speak to me about my assignment for 2023 that I feel i had struggle following this year. But this was so on point I really feel the Father's heart directly speaking to me. Thabk you for your obedience and for your ministry. Godbless

  2. Jesus, please continue to Bless Brother Troy Black. His humility is overwhelming. The definition of a real man is: one who can cry when their Jesus touches him n Praise his Jesus even in public. Total himility…I have one of those True Men!!

  3. Brother Troy, I am a 75 yr young great grandmother. I have 18 grandchildren n, as far as I know, has been called by God at age 5 n then told again at age 17, around about that age. He is still on the world at 31. He knows the importance of this, buy the enemy has him bound. I have sent this video to him n, being from me or the Holy Ghost, but being needed to draw him in. He has such love in him. He sings n plays the guitar n sang in the bars. He knows he has this gift to be used for Jesus. I believe he is coming in. I told him how urgent I know the times are now n he knows how much my husband n me love our Lord.
    If at all possible, please call his name out to our Lord Jesus. I believe it will be easy for you to remember his name. His name is Troy Ladner.
    Thank you so much n keep on keeping on for Jesus.
    In Jesus name
    Margie from Mississippi

  4. I cried during this video. I know I need to get closer to God, it’s something I just haven’t acted on. Thank you for this, I felt like I related a lot to this and it truly woke me up. Thank you, Troy.

  5. Sorry its so long. I dont know if you will see this.. But, Wow, was just praying about trusting God because until I do, I cannot have faith and be obedient.. God told me to anoint my home and then He showed me a dream about a tornado coming through a valley and I was on a hill. The hills and valley were brown. The tornado was huge, throwing up dust and it was powerful. I was afraid. I dont know what to think of it but tornadoes coming towards me aren't good. I've been in a lot of trials. I was taken away by CPS as a young child, foster care, adopted. Then my adoptive mom died suddenly and unexpectedly. A narcissist took us in (didnt know until later). She abused us and got us into a Christian cult. And I have a lot of trust issues subconsciously with God. It was an awesome story how God got me out. It was truly amazing, the dreams, the manifestations going on when Satan was warring for me to stay with these people. Ive been out for 5 years. But i feel my progress with God is slow because of trust and a spirit of religion that was shown to have a stronghold by a dream. I just want to trust God ,but I am so scared. So i avoid my devotional time with Him out of fear. Anyway, listening the rest of the way through. I sometimes want to put my story out online. I can look back and see the goodness of God through that deliverance and giving me a wonderful husband. But I still have that fear. Thank you so much for your videos and obedience to God. It really is a great blessing for me and you have been a major tool God is using to help me fear God less. Like in a terror way.

  6. The castle on the floor in the nursery…a wonderful picture
    The Blessed Sacrament comes down to his children. It changes us so that we, like children, see, receive and spread his kingdom with open, liberated hearts. Children of the light that shines to people in the increasing darkness. They will come out of despair to the light and seek the Lord Jeshua in us.
    HalleluJAH 🙏
    Thank you precious Jeshua

  7. Oh boy, here we go again, the lucky contestant that the Lord spoke to personally. How are those odds? 8 billion to 1? I guess he must be "special", along with his pals like Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hin, Joel Osteen and the rest of them…🤔

  8. Hi, I also had a vivid vision and in my dream someone spoke to me saying that "If you want to be save, Revelation 22." Does it sound familiar? Yes you're right. It's the last chapter of the last book of the bible. And it's about his second coming. So we have to be prepare. Help our brothers and sisters out by inviting them to the kingdom of God. But also keep in mind and heart, that JESUS name is really powerful. Revelation 22 is a message given by his angel, so we can prepare for his second coming. So in order to do that, JESUS already showed us how. As I quote "Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

    Thank you all and stay bless.

  9. This world is horrible. How can he be a loving God. Letting children and families suffer. I've been a devoted follower for years. My life sucks. Sick of the suffering. Prove to me he a loving father and its not just words.

  10. Mr stop OK god this god that god told me or I went to heaven and I spoke to god stop those who believed in him and pray every day knows and believe that he hasn't seen or spoke to any body in these whole world or took anybody to heaven because he hasn't appeared the second time OK and when he appear it will from the east OK leo get the tv


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