The Holy Spirit gave me a specific prophetic vision and a word from God about wild fires and what’s coming summer of 2022.

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Troy Black is a Christian YouTuber, author, and prophetic voice. His two simple goals are to be obedient to the Holy Spirit and to get the gospel of Jesus Christ in front of as many people as possible.



  1. People come to me like "S*x is the most amazing thing in the world!" Me experiencing God since the age of 18 "…. yeah. Of course … Well if that's to you! To me it's something else and for no sex in any world would I give up, what is most amazing in Life to me, which is God, but … May he bless you, to see, there is more amazing Stuff in Life, than just that …"

    Because so true! Nothing fulfills you, like the holy spirit.
    To me it was like him giving me something, I missed soooooo much, without even realizing, I miss it.
    But then, when it was there, … it's like it's never supposed to be anywhere else? 😀
    Like wanting to be forever home in God?
    And kind of knowing, that's the truth anyway, so you might as fell get through your incarnation the way your Soul wanted to act after Gods Will, for I am so sure, that that's just what I'm here for.
    It's been very confusing though. But at the same time it was clearer than anything else. Hm.

    Well that's what's Life is for me: Yin and Yang. Seemlingly opposing 'truths' being true at the same time.

  2. Late comment, I drove from Dallas to San Antonio to go see For King and Country Unite July 29th and I can’t tell you how many times I saw that exact bill board and I do not see those at all around my house. We also saw wild fires and then later that night small wild fire happened close to home.

  3. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers Troy! Your prayers are sincere and I know God hears them and loves them too. God's spirit is with you and I pray he will continue to be with you. Amen. I am so grateful for the blessing of the Holy Spirit which testifies of truth. Jesus is our mediator and Savior, and God the Father gives us the messages we need to hear. He is the father of us all and He truly loves all of us. All three of them love us with a perfect love.

  4. Lmao "the best job" yeah your job is to deceive people through these videos and make money off of it!! And when all these things don't happen people will know you for the liar that you really are…

  5. Please pray for me am struggling right now need two move forward and hear his voice clearly and get in his word and word in me am 72 year,s old thankyou for praying blessing,s shalom Marie☝️🕊️🇱🇷🇮🇱🕯️🔥🤗🐑


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