God’s Promises For The End Times
All through the Bible, God has made us promises or Covenants and today Joel will show us how those promises have and will be fulfilled as he ties them to the End Times.


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  1. The prophet Jeremiah is talking about the final future WAR caused by Abrahams' sons, Jews= Isaac and Muslims = Ishmael, in chapter 4, not the past creation of the earth.
    23: I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void; and the heavens, and they had no light.
    24: I beheld the mountains, and, lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly."
    When a thermonuclear missile that today has the power of ONE MILLION TONS of TNT hits a city then that city disappears without form,
    completely gone= a void. ( multiple cities will be hit the same hour)The heaven above that city that is expained to be the place birds fly in Genesis chapter one, is dark from the smoke of the explosion and has no light. Literal Mountains will shake from the power of a thermonuclear missile blast from concussion but also a mountain in the Bible is symbolic for a nation and the nations will
    shake with fear that a nuclear war has come and "hills" at the base of a mountain, represent the military that supports that nation and they being brave and willing to die to protect their nation, only shake lightly with fear believing they are strong enough to win the war, unlike the people they protect that are completely terrified. What they do not see is only the merciful receive mercy from God because War itself wins WW3 and everything man fights to gain is destroyed by the war because Radiation is the king of all kings and is unmerciful to all as he pours out the wrath of unstoppable nuclear fallout that covers the entire Earth. Fission is the self sustaining fire of Hell and those Gates will soon open in the final man made war that devours all life on Earth, because brothers were willing to kill brothers and friends were willing to kill friends thinking that gives them everything they desire and want to serve when the Command from GOD is do not kill.

  2. Thank you Joel for once again bringing the Body of Christ back to the place of being balanced in Scripture and Doctrine!
    We all need to Fully Understand the Depth of Gods Promises and to whom we Gentiles have been Grafted in and to what Promises we now become Joint Heirs of!
    Thank God that we are no longer Aliens to the Commonwealth of Israel and no longer are without Jesus BUT now have a God and Saviour and partake of the Promises given to Israel!
    Thank You!


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