What do we do when the Bible says something that is simply factually incorrect? In this episode, Dave explores one example and looks at how different people (Latter-day Saints or otherwise) might approach those scenarios.

Video transcript and additional notes: https://bit.ly/3CKRzyQ

Latter-day Saint bible scholar Ben Spackman tirelessly provides excellent resources that help both members and non-members of our faith to better understand how to read, interpret, and use the Bible. Check some of his stuff out below:
— “Truth, Scripture, and Interpretation: Some Precursors to Reading Genesis”: https://bit.ly/2WqMAnW
— “Episode 45: Misunderstanding the Bible — Ben Spackman” (LDS Perspectives podcast): https://bit.ly/2YmP6MM
— “Virtual Sperry Fireside on Reading the Old Testament in Context”: https://bit.ly/3mjN5JE
— “Resources for Studying the Bible in Context”: https://bit.ly/3m6Q4Vm
— “Interpreting Scripture, History, Science, and Creation: A Free Course by Me!”: https://bit.ly/39V7RJM
— An interview of Spackman (in 8 parts) in which he talks about subjects like Genesis, evolution, concordism, etc.: https://bit.ly/3kjoLaY
— “The Scientific Deformation and Reformation of Genesis: How ‘Science’ Messed It Up, but Also Fixes It”: https://bit.ly/3kjmj41 (And a corresponding article here: https://bit.ly/2XzIv1o )

These additional sources may interest you: “The Firmament of Genesis 1 is Solid but That’s Not the Point,” by Pete Enns (non-Latter-day Saint): https://bit.ly/3A1qS7D
More on inerrancy from Pete Enns (FYI I have not read every one of these articles): https://bit.ly/3oi51Xz
“What is Concordism in Bible-Science Discussion?” via Patheos (note that I am not a Concordist. I think it’s another misuse of the Bible): https://bit.ly/3kYXhYx


— Here’s another quote from a popular Christian website that leans heavily on inerrancy: “The fact that God ‘breathed’ Scripture insures that the Bible is infallible, for God cannot breathe out error … If God is infallible, then so will be His Word … It is factual throughout…” Source: https://bit.ly/3BbN0xT

— “Answers in Genesis” is rather well-known for being quite a conservative bunch of Evangelical Christians. They’re responsible for some rather controversial projects, such as the “Creation Museum” and the “Ark Encounter”. Anyway, in this video we briefly talked about how some people, in response to the ancient model of the universe we see in Genesis, will work to interpret scripture in such a way that it veers away from this ancient cosmology. For a rather lengthy example of how some people do this, check out this article from “Answers in Genesis”: https://bit.ly/2YbwqzC Of course, not all Christians agree with AiG’s analysis. Here is what professor Pete Enns (not a Latter-day Saint) has to say on the same issue: https://bit.ly/3A1qS7D


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  1. Science and ball earth are man's concept, or attempt to understand, what they can not otherwise understand – the Bible. Paul warns against Science, stating – Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called = oppositions against God's word: hence, science makes false claims.
    The earth is most definitely flat just as the Bible describes. However, the flat earth model used to portray the flat earth is also in grievous error.
    I am currently working on a simple video to provide the ultimate proof that the earth is flat, but at the same time prove that the flat earth model used by Flat Earthers is also wrong. I hope to post it soon.

  2. News flash everything in the bible isn't literal. But ppl take it all literal. Get an accurate understanding. When Jesus was shown all the things of the world when he was taken up in the highest mountain maybe it was meant to take as actually. He was shown all of the glory also, clearly it was just a vision.

  3. God does not answer to man 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 all knees shall bow before him !!!! And the earth is not round or a sphere it is flat and there is a dome !! God would give them knowledge not cater to low iq and back then it would be a oxygen rich environment I would assume they were smarter then us

  4. I still don’t see where Genesis is describing a flat Earth it’s just describing atmosphere separation. The Bible’s only shape description that I have ever seen is in Isaiah where it’s described as a circle which a ball is a circle ⭕️

  5. Idiots! Nowhere does the Bible say the earth was flat. You will all burn in the Lake of Fire and before that, nuclear annihilation by the Muslims and of course, no rapture as you have all been deceived.
    Michael Rood's Truth and Tradition and Zechariah's Thermonuclear War….watch it and repent!

  6. You're clearly a fake Christian who doesn't know the first thing about scripture. The word of God is inerrant, claims to be so, and teaches geocentricity. If this is an embarrassing fact for you, you should study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. You're a clown. Get saved.

  7. In addition to the reasoning in the video, I would also add that sometimes we understand what God is saying based on our own understanding. So at the time, they believed that the earth was flat and had the firmament and such, so when they got the revelation that God created the earth, they might have written it out how they understood it, not necessarily how God taught it.

  8. The Bible isn't wrong. We never went to the moon. We filmed the whole thing. I know cause I was there operating the equipment to film it! Funny how NASA claims they lost the technology on how to fly to the moon too!! haha! How come astronauts weren't excited about there mission? Because they were told to lie! How come the russians didn't go to the moon? Cause no one did! Propaganda. The elite, ( SATAN's group) who control all countries, will tell you what they want you to know. Tell a lie long enough and people think it's the truth. It's end of 2022, take a good look at life around all countries and how One world order is trying to take away your freedoms and control you like a slave, It's biblical, open your eyes and both ears. This was programed to happen, I known it since the 90's when I read it at the Pentagon.The USA is a corrupt country too, I love our country but we're going down and you will live to see it!

  9. What i notice in the mythologies for the creation of the world we do not see the creation of a "firmament". Quite the opposite in fact, Jason and the Argonauts (1965 movie) is a prime example of humans and gods interacting- the gods look down, worshippers look up.
    Took at look at the Pseudo beliefs, only the book of enoch mentions the firmament as do the "teachers", they believe in flat earth.
    Genesis 1:2 KJV Does this not describe a flat or even circular surface as apposed to a spherical one from a heavenly viewpoint (not an earthly one) ? Also I notice some have said the earth is circular- from God,s view point I feel this would have to be the case:
    The earth is HIS footstool- again suggesting non spherical- more flat or circular (like a pizza).

  10. Where in the bible does it actually say " the earth is flat"? Genesis can be interpreted in many ways. Why do we waste time and thought on such things. The Bible, at it's very least, is the telling of the history of 2 religions. It's been translated into to many different versions. It's been taken from and added to over and over. It's a tell of Judaism from which Christianity branched from. So its impossible for every word of the to be true. You can't have 2 truths. In fact it's very contradictory and it's supposed to be. The old ways before Christ were being replaced by the new way of Christ's message.

  11. You do not get to internet the Bible to many biblical leaders do it already they use a lot of modern wording also the Bible was written 2000 years ago so you have to follow that not modernize it the creator was a human being read the word it Saids so and we are a program

  12. The original scripture is Yesha’yahu (Isiah) 40: 22 clearly states “It is He, who sits above the horizon ( not sphere) of the earth …
    Many many times the scriptures mention “ the four corners of the earth”

    It’s always four corners never around the world.

    When Yahuah put the dome “ OVER” the earth not “ around” the earth 🙏


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