Genesis 6:4King James Version (KJV)

4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. NEPHILM SKULLS BRIAN FEORESTER Help me help others as well as Make much needed upgrades to my equipment and channel
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  1. Ronald Eldon Wyatt was an adventurer noted for advocating the Durupınar site as the site of Noah's Ark, along with almost 100 other alleged Bible-related discoveries. He has been dismissed by scientists, historians, biblical scholars, and other creationists which means all his discoveries are legitimate.
    Revised Wikipedia

  2. The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple. Psalm 19 : 7, read on to 12. Thank you brother Riche!, for contending for the faith earnestly! Jude 1 : 3. May the Spirit of His glory rest upon you and in you,  leading you in to all wisdom and insight in love of Christ which surpasses all knowledge. ( Ephesians 3 : 19 ). But, read   3 : 14 – 21 for the entire context.

  3. Here are a few more quotes about GIANTS, from the King James Bible that I thought you would apreciate. It is important to highlite what is often misunderstood, and that is that the Raphaim where the giants, the offspring of the fallen angels or Nephilim. Since the word "Nephal" means to fall (Strong's Concordance 5307), we can understand that these where the fallen Angels ( those that from heaven fell )

    King James Bible:
    and the territory of Og king of Bashan, one of the remnant of Rephaim, who lived at Ashtaroth and at Edrei ( Joshua 12:4 )
    all the kingdom of Og in Bashan, who reigned in Ashtaroth and in Edrei, he alone was left of the remnant of the Rephaim; for Moses struck them and dispossessed them ( Joshua 13:12).
    There were the giants famous from the beginning, that were of so great stature, and so expert in war. ( Baruch 3:26 )

  4. If you want to know more about the giants…not a myth, check out LA Marzulli . He has for years investigated/reported, gone across the world exposing this.
    Israel protects itself from Muslims who want to murder infidels– like Europe is doing.
    ~~~Next~~~ Goliath was a PHILISTINE…modern day Palestinians–it's in the Bible and their blood line.

  5. I am Lutheran, but was educated in Catholic schools. to me the kjv is England and England is the Queen. I think a lot of the original bible disappeared in the KJV. read the history. The Geneva bible was written prior, but it's leanings were very Calvinist in nature. It got me thinking. If the Catholics hated the protestants so much, maybe the protestant bible is less corrupt? we have to go further back in history to find an older less edited bible. every time someone changed the bible, things would be lost or added to the new version. what we need is a bible as close to the true message of Christ as possible. maybe one that never managed to be translated into English?

  6. RFB is able to see that God is real… well as a believer of that God is real, he should really consider what God says about his primary chosen people, the hebrews(jews)… the one who curses them will be cursed, but the one who blesses them will be blessed, so says the Lord !
    And that goes of course for their nation The holy land, in which God once promised to gather them unto, which He, the Lord, already has!! the second chosen people, are the Christian people from all over the world, to which I belong..and hopefully RFB as well!!! we are to share the gospel with the Jewish people , nothing else! "to the Jew first, then the greek" so it says in the Bible! Richie should know that!!! said with love, Tina from Sweden

  7. Are there any other Americans who are SICK of seeing OUR HARD EARNED tax dollars being given to Israel? "Oh, they're our friends". Great – no problem; but I pay my friends back – not PERPETUALLY leach off of them. Isreal is NOT part of the US, nor is it a needy 3rd World country. The Balfour Declaration was between England & the jews. If Israel needs protection money – beg England to cover the cost to keep them safe from the people whose land & property they WILLFULLY COVETED. IT WAS THEFT!!!!!

    Islael/Jews need to own their bad choice and make peace with Palestine, along with FINANCIAL REPORATIONS. They made their bed, they can fix it or sleep in it alone.

    I'm done with all the freeloaders financialy leaching off our country. If that's 'Antisemitic' then your vocabulary needs some work along with your critical thinking skills.

  8. I'm not antisemitic, but I ABSOLUTELY RESENT that we (the US) give them our hard earned tax payer dollars. What's up with that? Israel is not a needy or poor country. Nor is it part of the US. What did Jews think was going to happen after they signed the Balfour Agreement w/ England and then coveted someone else's property and land without CONSENT or COMPENSATION?? I do not condone their theft. Beg England for protection money. The Jews made the deal with England.

    "Jews are God's chosen people". "God promised the land to the Jews". WHAAAT??! Let me guess who peddled that claim to humanity; a jew!!! They made the choice to COVET land that was already occupied – deal with the consequences yourself. I have no empathy for the bad choice the Jews made. Israel it's on you; do whatever it takes to make peace and reporation to Palestine or leave.

  9. i totally 100% believe the bible…….but i have wondered why it says IN THE EARTH IN THOSE DAYS AND ALSO AFTER THAT instead of ON THE EARTH IN THOSE DAYS AND ALSO AFTER THAT……i feel like its a big difference that everyone totally takes as saying ON THE EARTH but i feel it could mean something else….mayb……thoughts???

  10. There is nothing extra special about the King James version of the Bible. To those Protestants who believe it holds some special place, you are in fact putting your faith in men, specifically King James' translators, which historically did not even have access to the original manuscripts of the New Testament that St. Jerome did in his Latin Vulgate written in the 4th century as they were unfortunately lost by the time the KJV was written. Furthermore the Bible itself was complied by the authority of a CATHOLIC ecumenical council, the Council of Nicaea in the year 325 A.D. which decided which books were to be included in the Bible and which were rejected.

    By acknowledging the Bible as authoritative who are at the very least implicitly by necessity recognizing the authority of the Catholic Church, which is the one True Church of Jesus Christ established by Christ Himself in the 1st century on St. Peter in communion with the apostles as is clear in Matthew 16:18 as well Matthew 18:15-18, as well as countless other passages which distinguish the oneness, the unity of Christ's True Church, in contrast with the tens of thousands of manmade Protestant denominations, not one of which agrees in its doctrines with another.

    Keep in mind the Catholic Bible contains 73 books. Consider that both 7 and 3 are extremely symbolic of divineness (the Trinity, completion, perfection) while the Protestant heretical "Bible" contains 66 books, 6 being used in scripture to symbolize Satan, sin, and man. Something to pray about, for those who have ears to hear.
    I invite you to pray on these things, especially the Rosary, and when you have seen the truth to join the Holy Catholic Church, outside of which there is absolutely no salvation. May God enlighten you.
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  11. there are no photographs of satellites only CGI but there are photographs that are genuine showing skeletons of giants. in the early part of the last century the Smithsonian deliberately destroyed hundreds of skeletons of giants. thanks Richie

  12. richie i gotta digress for a moment. i think u started a trend with "I digress". paul from pockets of the future said it the other day. i can't remember which one. it was either the johnny depp vid that lost picture or it was the one bout the movie stronger.

  13. Urgh, ok Richie I'll make a stupid comment. Did you ever stop to think that the reason the things in the bible get discovered or things the bible says will happen, happen, is NOT because it was predicted but instead that it was scripted. That the ELITE wrote the freakin bible and they are making the events play out and they put the information in the damn bible or book of Enoch or whatever. "They" created religion as a whole to divide the nations and create the very wars it claims to oppose, for profit. Nothing more and the illuminati playing cards that depict events that would happen in the future only further go to prove that point. It's all connected.

  14. I don't think it can be disputed that a book labeled the Bible is a real book. I would suggest, like most other 'allowed' information that it contains 10% fact, and 90% crap.

  15. you speak the truth there richie from boston. talk about the Bible….the proof of it being 100%true word of God exist within its own words. people just dont know how to sift it and those that think they know it and yet dont believe….they dont know it, they only think they do. it describes our time period perfectly. the little signs match up, the signs that only can be understood by one time period are being understood. if a person can discern satans ways that alone tells you the days we live in are unique. speaking of unique….something that i never hear talked about in any Biblical end time discussion is the book of jerimiah chapter 30 that basically says the last generation will be a time period that is dramatically different than all time periods of man prior to it by using the visual of a man giving birth. in other words if you took ancient man to any time period he would see much difference…whether it be 2000bc or 1800 but brimg him to any point in the past 100 years and he would not know if he was still on planet earth! is our time period unique by a huge margain? yes! is all the signs and prophecies happening as stated? yes! did israel become a nation and regain jerusalem? yes! can we understand the sealed prophecies like the whole world being able to witness a single event as it happens? yes! there is no doubt about it….if you really understand what the Bible really says…just as God said through His words we can know He is real. man can not have and has never been able to be able to write anything like this. there was people alive to see israel become a nation again in 1948 that some will still be alive to see the 2nd coming of Jesus. that what the prophecy that says "this generation shall not pass until all these things be fufilled" is telling us. that gives us a real good idea just how close we are to seeing the 7 yr tribulation period begining. it is all matched up and lined up. as prophecied the nations are in distress and confusion as the wind and waves roar (intensifying weather and geological activity). with peoples faces stuck to thier cell phone….people dont realize that it is a tool satan is using because he also knows what the Bible says that will indicate when the tribulation is at the door. look at the prophecy that is a characteristic of what people will be like in the final generation that says. "men will be lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God" and think about what life has been like in the past century compared to the rest of history and its so obvious to understand that we have way more things of pleasure than at any time in history and it not about just be a bit different but by a large amount. that is how you can discerm sign of the end times and if the time period that you live in is the prophesied last generation. the last generation will be a standout generation in practically every way. its a generation that is suddenly different. we are witnessing and a part of the final days! i just felt like saying all of this.

  16. the bible also states Earth iz a round sphere

    I'm so sik & tired of theze Flatt Earth moronz
    running around proclaiming against the bible
    that Earth iz Flatt …

    Fukking Idiotz Moronz & lying skum'baggz

  17. Your Israel hatred is NOT BIBLICAL.
    I'm outta here.
    You hate the People for who my Lord and Savior is King of.
    Remember what Pilate asked Jesus….
    And what Jesus said…..

  18. Yep, Jesuits. Just more Jew hate. Typical. You know I wonder if you know the Jews/Israelites were dispersed throughout the world, and then were treated like vermin everywhere they went being kicked out of every nation the fled, to. You buy into the narrative that the world wants you to buy into. Notice how much the world hates Israel? Notice how much YOU hate Israel? What does that tell you? You are lock step with the world. The Bible makes it clear, that they and Christians will be hated of nations. And here we are, talking about how much the world hates Israel.
    I like the video for the title content, but when I start hearing Jew hate, I have to leave. And try not to come back by mistake.

  19. In the 1960's our family would do ROAD travels around the country and MANY times a local farmer would display a GIANT they found on or around their property.
    You could stop by and see them.
    Some of the stores along the roads would even have them on display or other odd things they found.
    They are ALL GONE now!!

  20. Using a throw-away comment at the end is childish Richie, you know the stories are not real world applicable. Women's hip size limits the size of baby produced – it is basic common sense. This is not a mocking comment just a practical one.

  21. The problem with giants producing children with ordinary sized women is HIP SIZE… in normal childbirth, from non-giants, women have just enough room for the baby to pass through the mother's hips… anything larger would kill both Mother and baby.
    …It is totally obvious the Giants mating with ordinary sized women is a physical impossibility. Blindly believing this nonsense is ridiculous. Stories like this were put into myth to mock those who take literally what the Bible says – even though it has been re-written many times by the Talmudic jews and freemasons cults. Even the Koran mentions the Bible being re written…

  22. hey Richie please look up my name as it is here on are welcome to use any and all info.1 category is NEPHILIM complete with pics and newspaper articles.please check it out


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