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Gravitas: What will China do if Russia invades Ukraine?


Vladimir Putin is counting on China to help Russia circumvent possible western sanctions. Will Beijing openly back a Russian invasion of Ukraine? What’s in it for Xi Jinping? Palki Sharma tells you.

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  1. Russia winning against strongest country is the future! Because one country on entire planet means: no language border, faster technology research, better medicine, cheaper things. Stand with Russia, guys! 🇷🇺

  2. This player does have invisible economic roots everywhere possible….it wants Europe…and eastern block..Putin is the puppet used to create smoke and mirrors..
    So proxy war..???..yes..
    Will it last for years..yes..
    Will China win all round…??yes..
    If the West don't keep keep up defence and cyber security….
    China is a long-term strategist..
    This will become a generational war..
    I hope the West is fully awake..
    India is definately awake to the game..

  3. China was probably correct and I have a feeling the US is starting to realize this. Russia and China have a good relationship and this should be better respected….we should still appreciate China accordingly. This cold shoulder after all we've been thru together seems rediculous. I believe we should understand the sensitive concerns China has with other countries and NOT allow this to hamper our deep and long-term
    trade partnership. We mustn't be so swift to end this impressive relationship with such powerful allies as China and Russia. The people are not happy with this.

  4. Разве это не так? Слово Мое [есть] как огонь», Декларация ЯХВЕ. «И как молот — он разбивает скалу на куски.

  5. The hypocritical Western countries headed by the United States strongly support the democracy of other countries. The result is that they can manipulate elections and elect traitors who work for the United States. The United States can also bribe the regime and manipulate the head of state. Zelensky is one of them. Americans don't care the lives of Ukrainians at all, and only exchange their lives for the interests of the United States and Western countries!

  6. How many people died in the Soviet Union in WWII? How many people have died in America? How many people have died in the UK? How many people died in France? How many people died in China? Why do victorious nations go to war with each other? Is the United Nations still useful?

  7. Absolutely amazing assessment… 100% agreed, based on all the recent Chinese moves including Solomon island agreement… China will be the next show to drop before a full out WWIII

  8. Remember someone mentioning blockade rushes all export I sat there and thought wow if there wasn't any subs people forget Russia may look like it's all bolster and bravado but their key things about Russia that is the reason why people look at them the way they do they do have that hypersonic missile they do have some of the best subs in the world regardless of incidents and most importantly they have an unhinged leader that everybody is scared of and does think we'll use nuclear weapons

  9. The western media did not side with China. It reported that brave Indian soldier's who fought and overcame superior number of CCP forces had a moral and tactical victory. I feel India's neutrality on the Ukraine invasion will embolden the Chinese. Since Russia and China are allies support for Russia can be seen by the Chinese as support for them since they act in coordination as a unified block as communist countries. What India needs to fear is that China and/or Russia will cause internal or border terrorist threats through support of communist groups inside and bordering India. Just as in WWII some western countries stood by while Germany invaded Poland thinking it will not impact them was totally wrong. Totalitarian regimes must be nipped in the bud and handed defeat after defeat to stop them. Otherwise who knows if any country is safe. This is an attack on the freedoms that we enjoy today. Freedom is being held hostage just as terrorist does when they hijack a plane. We are a connected world. What affects one country affects all. I hope Indians will have peace and security through wise leaders who show strength and resolve to stop rampaging dictators who threaten world peace for the sake of our current and future generations. God bless all Indians.


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