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  1. The trinity isn't a heresy but i know what you mean by God not being 3 persons, the real trinity is the father the son and the holy spirit are ONE but 3 Different persons, the father is not the son the son is not the father and both are not the holy spirit. 5 salvation cannot be taken away it is in scriptures that salvation is a gift given by God and anyone in this world can be saved because with God nothing is impossible.

  2. I need at less 10'000 to help with a house in the Philippines I have 3 children I want to send them with there mother to stay with her I am in St. Thomas u.s Virgin islands Po. Box 303193 my account number is 94320 credit union I can fun this program but my children need help

  3. I will like to fund this program but I have 3 children in the Virgin islands and 1 in Manila in the philippines they want to go to the Philippines it may cost me 10'00 u s dollars to build the house we grow our own food they not need to worry I also telling people about god but I can give funds once my children in the Philippines with there mother

  4. My brother I’m married to a non-believer his name is Ralph pray for salvation and baptism we do read the Bible every morning he has been to church often on for the past 20 years I did start prepping

  5. Thank you brother for providing an address, I refuse to use pay pal because of their stance with the LGBTQ community. We live on next to nothing but are sending $10.00 & I hope it helps. I challenge all your subcribers to do the same & it will add up. Keep up the good work & Yahuah bless you.

  6. May our heaven father and his son jesus christ bless u my brother and your family for your good work. Jesus christ said gave to the needed. I also gave to the needed but I want to do more . when our heaven father bless me with a job. We all survey a awesome heaven father and his son jesus christ. Jesus Christ said if you love me you will keep my Commandments holy. May our heaven father and his son jesus christ continue to bless u and your family . My god bless all my brothers and sisters around the hold 🌍. Let's get ready and stay ready for our heaven father and his son jesus and repent from our sins before its to late. They is power in the name of our lord and saviour jesus christ .everything is possible with God

  7. god has nothing to do with money.
    money is the devil.

    we must overcome together the need for money..! we mist come togethrr and live/work together without any money.
    then, ALL is possible.

    2020, isnt it finally time to change the life to the better?

  8. Amen πŸ™πŸΎ and Amen πŸ™πŸΎ my brother. May the love of Jesus Christ continued to be with you always and the Blood of Jesus Christ covers you and your family. Be bless and stay strong πŸ’ͺ🏼 and blessed.


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