►Download this Swahili Worship Songs Mix: https://bit.ly/GreatestswahiliworshipsongsAudio2022
Swahili Worship Songs 2021 | Swahili Gospel songs | Praise and Worship Gospel Music |Kenyan Tanzania Gospel Music -Swahili Worship Songs



  1. To everyone listening 🎧 to these songs,who is going through hard times, rejection at work en love life may almighty God set us free in Jesus name,devil en powers of witchcraft they don have power in our lives Amen،،please someone help me pray🙏

  2. I think DJ Caro deserves an award of the best dj in Kenya… with uninterrupted music mix. This lady understands her calling. Sis si Mungu akuzidishie tu kila kitu in your life… na upate the instruments for this job…

  3. I had to instal “translate” and this is the best Worship album I have ever heard!!!! This is the best of the best. It’s inspiring, it’s anointing,it’s leaving me with tears of joy, Glory to God!!! Dj Caro good job. I wanna learn Swahili, visit Kenya someday.


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