Green Bay Packers vs. New York Giants Full Highlights 1st QTR | NFL Week 5, 2022



  1. Great game but I wish they'd get rid of the politics, they need to get rid of the Buy Large Mansions on the helmets and end racism on the field. *it's only a perceived thing that is not major problem like it's being made out to be, this issue is being used to divide people not unify; and rich people have no concept of this because it's beneath them!

  2. Joe Barry needs to be fired before the end of the season. This dude is a joke. He has pro bowl and all pro tallent on every level and he cant stop a 3rd string qb or daniel jones with the entire practice squad playing receiver

  3. Lamentable Packers , vraiment nul very bad. Le coach est trop jeune qu il dégage exit .et qu'il amène avec lui le Quarterback .nul nul vous pouvez commencer à l'appeler monsieur sac

  4. "FULL Highlights 1st QTR". In reality, this means, "FULL Highlights 1st 11 min, 34 sec of 1st QTR". Chopped abruptly on a 1st and goal! How about, for once, delivering on what you promise with your headline? ……… No? … Didn't think so.


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