Bad jokes, outrageous commercials and implausible television characters may come to mind when people think about lawyers – until they need a lawyer.

“The practice of the law is a noble profession,” says John M. Mussetto. “Lawyers get a bad rap. It’s interesting that when something bad happens to somebody, the first thing people do is call a lawyer.”

Mussetto practices criminal, family, divorce and DUI law through his own firm in Greenville.

A Greenville native, Mussetto became interested in politics and the law while watching the news each night with his father, who explained that many politicians are also lawyers.

Politics gave way to law when Mussetto accepted an opportunity to be a courier at a law firm while he was a student at Furman University.

“That was my first experience with a law firm,” he says. “I started at the bottom, running papers to and from the courthouse.”

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