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  1. if Eminem is a devout luciferian then Glen Benton of Deicide is a Evangelical Baptist 😂 lol seriously do you ever think before you speak?? Even if Eminem was a luciferian he would be proud in saying it. I know some luciferians that are really proud and open about being a luciferian. Also Eminem might have worship Satan in the past if he's a reborn again Christian accept it for what it is. This is what I hate about Christian division because it's always proven who's a Satanist instead of sitting there bringing people to God you're basically doing Satan's work preaching about how other people are satanists.

  2. 11:40 if you don't supposed to love the world and you're not supposed to be of the world how is it then do you know so much about the top music charts… how about instead not be of the world and not know what's popular in trending because if you're not of the world and you don't love it I guess you wouldn't know about these things but strangely you do 🙄

  3. God isn't real. You people are irrational and psychotic to believe in Gods, Saviors and Devils. Fairy tales designed to control stupid people. The God of the Bible is so evil whether your talking old or new testament. Suck my balls or else!!! On your knees my scumbag children, tell me how big I am and how you have no other shafts before mine. Grow up you stupid God fearing simps.

  4. I know what you mean but you can't be an apostate if you were never in the Truth to begin with. Yes, millions of people identify as Christians but that doesn't make them Christians and therefore they can't be apostates.
    Btw, I see that you're being hit with the legalism stick. That's the liberal "christians" version of racist, homophobic, islamophobic, card.

  5. I totally agree with you on this I used to be a fan of Eminem I pay him no mind anymore but this reminds me of the woman who was about to get stoned to death but Jesus turned and told them if your sinless go right ahead I'd personally drop my stone and walk away in the end He only knows our hearts ✝️🤍
    We can pray for him instead of knocking him down Jesus is King and stone cold hearts are being sparked one way or another.

  6. Those in the entertainment industry need God just as much if not MORE than the rest of us. But some people like Em, may think they have done too much wrong to be forgiven, and that just isnt true. So be patient as God works in people, especially as they get older.


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