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  1. Like that you included the Lord. New Madrid quake, Yellowstone super volcano and the Gulf of Mexico are could kill thousands or even millions but more important would send thousands to FEMA concentration camps.

  2. @selfreliantmoms Amen to that. I am praying in agreement with you for all those who do not know the Lord and who do not have a personal walk with him. All Christians, We need to put on the full Armour of the Holy Spirit. Time is almost up! Stand steadfast Love of Christ and do not waiver, blessed is the man who endures temptation for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the lord has promised to those who love him. James, chp. 1 vs. 12

  3. Amen Sister Tina. We are definetly in the last hour. God Bless you for the work you are doing for the Lord. I am praying for all those who are even now suffering on the Gulf Coast. May those who don't know God, turn to him now, may God have mercy on us and on America. Look up my sister, for the Lord is coming. Looking forward to meeting you at the wedding banquet with Jesus. God bless.

  4. How is it that it always comes down to debating christian dogma? This is about greedy corporations, treasonous politicians and lazy masses that only want to plop their keesters down in front of their big screen tellys, medicate themselves with food and have chosen to relinquish their divine rights to the above, all the while chanting "Save us Lord". The Lord and the Universe helps those that help themselves and I don't mean to another helping of McDonalds! Wake up and get informed!

  5. @rollsthepaul a spiritual highway of hot spots, but they are not emanating from God. They are byways of occult magnetic force. Two groups that deliberately achieved contact with the spirit world to harness supernatural energy along certain leys

  6. From Europe: The USA is no longer united. You are no longer united on any level. You have no crisis managment, no leader, no health insurance. When the storms and rains starts in the winter, it will kill you and your food. The government has no power, and you are in war with corruption. You are left on your own with your last right. It´s the Right Of Revolution which you celebrate on the Independence Day. Start organizations and stand for your rights. This is the blessed movement. Peace for you.

  7. @Gizziiusa agreed this chemical,not the tar is what will make us sick! See my comment above.Then type in illusion of BP oil spill and the NWO agenda for some truth. This is a setup to snatch costal land and eliminate poor populations pure and simple!

  8. All a NWO poly it sounds like. It seems more and more clear this was Pre-planned in someway, due to this AND the stocks suddenly "Being sold and disappearing" DAYS before the oil rig disaster. Maybe FEMA Camps are coming after all, who knows?

  9. this is the reality of the situation at hand – ON PAPER. Will the National Guard respond as the documents indicate? Or will people once again be underserved?

    interesting video. shows a lot of work. I wasn't expecting the "go to the lord" transition. Hearing the documents of the military and such, i began to imagine this whole thing in a different way – as a biospheric anomaly, and thus, a biological anomaly. a severe cut through the fabric of existence. scary, and emergent.

  10. Thankyou for this wonderfully done and heart felt warning. I pray with you for the gulf and agree that the Lord is at hand and trust that His plan is unfolding. No one is immune to these times therefore, have no fear for your body, only your soul.

  11. Thanks for the vid. u are a wise young person. just so you know, my family and I have already decided to leave, as we live in one of the affected gulf states. We came to this decision after much prayer and honest discussion. UR right, this is as serious as it gets. God bless you for your faithfulness. Keep us in your prayers!

  12. We are sure lucky oil at least floats…. but i hope it doesnt get to the point where they have to close off the gulf from the ocean and evacuate Florida because that would bring economy hugely down. I live in Canada but i know what your going threw the Alaska oil spill was terrifying as well.

  13. What has God got to do with it and Jesus died because of our sins 2000 years ago. Even the bible says god will only help those who help them selves. Don't wait any longer get out. GET OUT NOW. Poison does not discriminate, pack up the kids and GET OUT NOW

  14. Don't risk other peoples lives by telling them to seek guidance from your God. Why don't you ask your God to stop the oil spewing into the gulf; what's the matter he won't or can't. Your video is insulting, you use fear and death threats to try to convert people to your belief system. Be a human being.

  15. @joesandra this was a planned attack…it is so obvious …now we know what the fema camps coffins and trains are for…anyone living there would be wise to leave NOW!!!

  16. Merciful Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ. I pray that you would spread your hand over the whole region in the south and around the gulf and protect those that are at risk and remind them to rely on you and to look to you in all matters. I ultimately pray that your will be done and we know that all things work together for your glory Lord, and that your plan is at work. We love you Lord and praise you for all that you do. In the name of our most merciful Jesus Christ, Amen.


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