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  1. Thank you very mich for all your wise words even though I know this for many years that it is coming… I have helped people because it pleases me to see them happy. I sold my hse and live in a van now.

  2. Not so much they want but they do own you who have taken the jibbyjab.. usa supreme court 2015 said no one that takes mrna has human rights and belong to the patent holder ir billy boy gates

  3. In my city Cagayan de Oro Philippines, you can't get inside malls, department stores, and medium sized stores without a vaccination card. Literally, the Mark of the Beast you can't buy and sell without it.

  4. This, brother, is sOOO powerful – sharing it on my playlist!! Watching again and I just want to re-enforce that this video reveals the amazing and wonderful anointing you received, and I pray you continue in your endeavors, for us!!! In Yeshua's name amein..I am going to be excited to meet &greet you in Abba's New Jerusalem!!🎉🎊
    🏰 Thank YOU, Emmanuel L…

  5. Hi,
    Thank you very much for this wonderful educative message.
    In my own opinion I find it very educative the proported movie really reveals Covid-19 today.
    What a world we live nowadays for top government across the world uppresing the poors.
    All Christians fathers in different denominations today is preaching vassine nor is chellenging the government of this wrong doing.
    God is slow in anger and who is going to help us kick against this wrong doing?
    May God continue to help us and my special thanks to you for your kind effort.

  6. Look at 3:13 on the left side is written: shocking new evidence!!! And other stuff as well. And the umbrella, black and white! The 23! All illuminati signs!
    Edit: sorry now i looked the rest of the video and saw you mentioned it

  7. Thank you for the good information and explanation. The video could be more helpful if is bilingual (English – Spanish). I suggested this because I know a lot of people Spanish language speaking.

  8. When you operate in fear 😱 its a lower vibration 📳 😒 that can get you sick and confused. You don't think straight and make all the wrong choices and decisions! They tried to bury us but they didn't know we were seeds!

  9. Samuel Jackson also has the patch on one eye one eye Illuminati. Besides all that I've been looking at the one world order and Associated things for almost 21 years now this is it folks for all the marbles this is Bible prophecy unfolding or do you believe it or not if you don't know God's word Jesus Christ the Creator's word our instruction book and you do not know what is going on after 2 years you are a totally lost individual plain and simple. And that proves my point about the slow methodical brainwashing of this world to get us to where we are right now and it's working beautifully

  10. Seeing the little children caught my ❤!! Seeing their respect, politeness and eager to have the backpacks that would separate themselves unto God! May the Lord bless them and keep them! The Lord our God loves a grateful, humble hearts, bless them dear God 👑✝️👑

  11. Look @ 4:38 time stamp. On the right screen right above Samuel J's elbow, there's a business man with a white shirt, and a blue tie.

    And….by mistake…umm…NO…then by accident (no accident 🤦‍♀️‼️) there appears to be a line across his abdomen area….so it looks like a blue upside down cross.

    Everything is right in front of us all, we have to make sure we SEE instead of just looking, and often just looking past what it is because we don't want to admit what we actually SEE 💤👀💤

    I remember when I was a baby christian and God took the blinders from my eye's, it was a real trip!! Now I see 20/20 and I see what I see! Don't be fooled as they have done with the masses! God has allowed us to SEE because He trusts us to speak the TRUTH.

    God bless and stay strong in Christ Jesus ❤


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