Music video by Gwen Stefani performing Cool. (C) 2005 Interscope Records

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  1. Who else feel bad couse he is single and in every movie, image, gif, picture, story, song, smalltalk is that how people "enjoyed life" in their teenage ages with their LOVE? … Yes im jealous, mad and dissapointed mixed together.

  2. I mean who has created this song?????? Omg…. I can watch this 10000000000000000000 times and can listen to it anytime anywhere. Omg…. Such a beautiful song. Gwen Stefani I am your fan from 🇮🇳India. Been your fan since your album with song Holloback gir, rich girl. U rock

  3. Funny thing. 2015….
    Gwen😶 I don't remember?
    Love.x Love
    Great things.ahead.
    new enviable.
    😎 Return of that guy.
    My children I'm coming to get you. I did do always have loved you. Destiny. Faith🌓 lol tiger colours 74.
    No mistakes?

  4. I think Gwen has a much better voice than Fergie. She controls it better anyway and that's what singing is about. Using your voice as an musical instrument. Nothing against Fergie. She's a great singer also.

  5. It’s extremely fucked up that her children’s nanny ended up dressing like her and her husband ended up having an affair with her and cheating on Gwen

  6. До сих пор помню это чувство влюбленности и как я мечтал посетить Италию проитись по этим узким переулочкам и посетит музей и побывать на виноградных полях , посетит традиционную кухню , покорить горы , позагорать на пляже , учиться у итальянцев их родной язык !

  7. I have broken up with the one who was my girlfriend some months ago and when I showed her this video we had a good short movie but she asked me… what happened next? What do you think?


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