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  1. RichieFromBoston — "The coming of the lawless one will be accompanied by the working of Satan, with every kind of power, sign, and false wonder, and in every deception of wickedness unto those perishing, in return for which they did not receive the love of the truth in order for them to be saved" (2 Thessalonians 2:9-10).

  2. Rich, I seen this with just my eyes .
    Out here in Arizona we
    get great views. The moon seems really
    big specifically on the night's they are full. They seen to be alot closer to the earth then back east..
    I texted this young lady to let her know I had seen the moon that same night as she had.. I seen her video on The Real Jimmy Roberts 1 channel ..
    So I know this
    is true..
    I watch constantly now waiting to see
    if it's going to happen again.. There's no light in the one behind the lite moon.. But the one NOT LITE seems to be
    ALOT LARGER then the lite moon..
    I too think about that VERSE.. Just saying..
    🙏💖… Thank's for all the Info..

  3. Richie the reason why the majority doesn't care is because they have them just the way they want them. Dumb blind asleep lazy what ever the TV tells them is there reality. The only thing we can do is pray for them

  4. May I offer 2 theories on what this is? On MrMBB333 channel in early June 2019, a professional photographer caught the same thing and experts say it is in No Way camera flare or malfunction. So my theories are: either the moon IS IN FACT it's own light source and WAY closer (like within a few miles to the earth) than we have been lied ,I mean , lead ( 😉 ) to believe, AND it is reflecting on our now mirror skies ,thanks to all the heavy metal chemtrail spraying. Or two : the real moon and sun have gone dark as predicted hundreds of years ago and what you are seeing is the bright fake moon illuminating the now dark one behind it,and the fake they have put up is just following the supposed path of the real moon. So you see both in one shot. Just a few thoughts.

  5. Instead of a lens flare, I'd say it's a window glass flare or its real cuz I seen that b4 but assumed it was the glass as I was looking out a window.

  6. Richie.
    Is this moon built from physical construction materials, OR is it a luminous image holograph with hologram tech in a disc formation resembling the moon?.
    They claim it's for night light to save electricity, atleast that's what I gather the excuse is to build such a thing.
    If it is an actual structure of huge proportions, then it would be full of technology like the space station with a purpose to do whatever it is they are building it for?.
    I don't understand what it's for.
    Obviously, they won't tell us what its really for, but do we have any insight as to what they are doing with this fake moon.
    Holography is a method of producing a three-dimensional (3-D) image of an object. (The three dimensions are height, width, and depth.) … The hologram is actually a recording of the difference between two beams of coherent light. Light is composed of waves that are all the same length and that travel in all directions.

  7. Yeah hey Richie I don't think these guys can actually recreate a sun or moon whatsoever but I'm sure they're more than happy to claim they can and take the credit for it, when people are reporting these things like double moons are double Suns or whatever. I mean why wouldn't they? they don't have to do anything it's already done. I think maybe you might still be viewing these things through the heliocentric lens so to speak a little bit because if we go from the word of the Bible those are luminaries. the Sun and Moon are lights not necessarily physical objects. You got to take one foot completely out of rome in this situation I think. I think in The Book of Enoch one of the Holy Angels of God explains to Enoch how the different phases of the moon work, and even gives the Moon 4 names as if it changes 4 different ways, or it itself is four different objects. As the angel Uriel, I think, is explaining the paths of the Sun and Moon he even says that they go through portals during their path, so whatever that may entail I'm not exactly sure and I don't expect to understand, but the more people that continue to notice these anomalies the more of these governmental agencies are going to try to take credit, or manipulate like a psyop, a soft disclosure or a twist on what they claim- to fit what people are seeing if that run-on sentence make sense at all …
    I'm pretty sure the best they can do is fill the sky with fake ass clouds to obscure our view. that's probably the extent of it, as far as deceiving us cuz everything they do is multifaceted right? those big ass clouds got more purpose than that to, like poison people with aluminum maybe to sterilize us (depopulation efforts) on top of weather manipulation, and also to make real neat looking colors in the sky! Because like Alexandria ocasio-cortez says, we really need to have a new green deal, it's super duper important and people just don't realize that we're all going to probably die in 12 years so there's that at any rate, she's full of s*** and I hope we all know that. I sure hope people can figure out that global warming is b***** lie soon enough because if they can convince everybody of that one they can pretty much convinced you of anything I think. It's another emotion-based manipulation yes of course people are f**** up the environment I mean that's pretty obvious to see all I got to do is take a walk around outside and see trash floating around and crumbling infrastructure homeless people homeless veterans but to blame it on us and convince us of that is pretty much the end of the line for the sheeple I believe. You're going to know pretty damn well if a if truly if a greenhouse effect starts happening because it's not going to be no one to degree difference, it's going to be drastic and humid as hell and still that probably doesn't necessarily mean doomsday because if we're going base a greenhouse effect on any type of gas they're going to say it is CO2 (less than 2% of the current Atmosphere by the way) co2 which plants thrive on they f**** breathe CO2 and spit out oxygen. so I don't know it's frustrating as all hell to me that people are just so dumbed down. the next one is methane gas right? from the cow farts? Or will it be the ammonia from their urine? Or is it just a bunch of stupid ass lies, and a big fat sign that people need to freaking re-educate themselves? Cuz like God said his children suffer for the lack of knowledge that means pick up a damn book people or something give me a damn break stop listening to idiots tell you how everything works through a theoretical guess backup by 0 facts, I think that if we don't understand how something works we don't need to! so move on and get a different Hobby. I suggest we make up a new game called pseudoscientist shaming where any lay person has enough intelligence and knowledge to call out these fake-ass scientist on a daily basis and make them look like complete dumb s*** until they just disappear. Until there's no more need for them with all there below-average understanding of physics and the world that we actually live on, and you and I, we'll fill their position with common knowledge based on reality which we all used to actually possess before we let dumb ass scientist wannabes and cell phones tell and do everything for us. It's not impossible to become way smarter than these guys you just need curiosity and the rest follows

  8. I have a photo from Ozark Mo in Sep 2015 during the eclipse. In the image the moon appears to bright to focus in and there is a large circular object to its top left. Whats an email i can send it to? Ya know if your i interested in checking it out.

  9. Go out side and look up, I’ve seen like ten meteors streak across the sky in the last two days and I’m in Oregon. You can tell it’s not the chemtrails or contrails, they are straight these zig zag.

  10. Hi Richie, I want to relay an incidence with me about 2 months ago. Live in Las Vegas, and I am coming down a particular street when I see 2 sun in the sky, at the same time. Actually, I just laughed out loud, as I believe I was able to distinguish which was the fake. I then spoke out loud to The Father in Heaven and stated no matter what is perpetuated, it is done by your allowing it to be done, as those of us that KNOW WHO YOU ARE, CERTAINLY NOT SHAKEN!!!!! We that know Scripture, are truly aware of OUR CREATOR, GOD ALMIGHTY, can NEVER BE DUPLICATED PERIOD. Those that try to perpetuate this "LIE'", so as to cause confusion, in HIS TIME, will be dealt with!!!!!! When I see this kind of "STUFF" I am reminded of a song that singer Alexander O'Neal made long ago "Your A Fake Baba". Psalm 33:10 Darby Translation "10 Jehovah frustrateth the counsel of the nations; he maketh the thoughts of the peoples of none effect."
    All that is to take place is by Almighty God's decree, permission. He determines just how far mankind will be allowed to reek havoc on the earth and fellow mankind. Isaiah 46:9-11 Common English Bible"Remember the prior things—from long ago;
    I am God, and there’s no other. I am God! There’s none like me, 10 who tells the end at the beginning,  from ancient times things not yet done, saying, “My plan will stand; all that I decide I will do,” 11 I call a bird of prey from the east,  a man from a distant land for my plan. As surely as I have spoken, I’ll make it happen;  I have planned, and yes, I’ll do it".

  11. If you don't know Jesus our Lord then you don't know the Father our God… If you don't know the Father our God you should meet Jesus our Savior. He is alive and well and will introduce Himself to you if you ask Him in truth and believing.


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