Many, many people out there fully realize that we are increasingly being drawn into a one-world authoritarian technocratic system where an “internet of everything” will connect every device, every transaction, every commodity, and ultimately, every human mind, into one massive borg-like network.

Unfortunately many of the same folks fail to recognize that they have actually already fallen for the same ancient mystical/esoteric spirituality that undergirds this dream of a technocratic utopia, and has actually been the hidden engine behind it all along…

Among all the various “prophets of Scientism” at work into the public arena today (such as Neil degrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Ray Kurzweil, Elon Musk, etc.) Jason Silva is a figure who, in my humble opinion, really stands out because of the way that he so vividly and openly connects the tenets of transhumanism with ancient mystical dreams of apotheosis. With a manic and delirious zeal he preaches this “Technium Gospel”, in a manner that I have found to be almost unparalleled.

All too often we tend to think of the leading apologists for the New World Order as being wrinkled Zionist banker types, or their tech-billionaire puppets, or the familiar faces of Scientism on PBS etc. But Silva reminds us that the propagandists for the One-World System come in all shapes/styles, even hipsterized techno-evangelists who’ve swallowed the same old Luciferian lie…



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