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  1. Please pray for my new business 🙏 Reeds Seal and Repair…. Favor and customers. And pray for my husband Jerrett for God to reveal his self to him. In Jesus name amen

  2. Why does this dude get a prophecy wrong and then double and triple down on covering for it?
    Because he's an absolute fraud and really a political hack and idealogue masquerading false prophet.

  3. To this day I thought that God communicates with us through Bible. Now I know that is through prophets. Isn't that amazing? Hank! You are God's mouthpiece here on earth. I am faithful follower of you so I record all your prophetic messages as a testimony of what will happen to people overdose on prophesy. I am just to buy another 4TB HD , just for you. Hallelujah! And HAnk, don't end up like Jim Jones.

  4. vealed? 2 Thess 1:10, 'IN HIS SAINTS": The great deception of the world is the carnal mind, the seed of the serpent, the part of us that is ENMITY with God: Jesus saves the SOUL OUT OF IT, lifts it up, (rapture is this event) and NOW you are seated with Christ in heavenly places in your soul and spirit even while you are still in your flesh and blood that can NOT inherit the Kingdom of God: THIS IS WHY Paul remained after his rapture and we all do until we die naturally as all people die naturally. THE PART OF US THAT IS LIFTED UP is our soul where Christ rises in us and takes us to be with him before we even die physically: Then our physical death is nothing to fear. Christ has been REVEALING HIMSELF since Acts 2, and from that day, God TAKES THESE LIVING STONES and GOD BUILDS HIS HOUSE right here with us: We are no longer a a stony hearte, but the WORD made flesh or our fleshly heart) and lifts it above our carnal mind which can not know God or the things of God. It is not our fault that we were first made a CREATURE and a vessel of vanity, but God knew he would make out of the same lump (PERSON) a vessel of honor (A SOUL) that will experience their VISITATION, their APPOINTED TIME, their HOUR for coming out of the world even while we still remain in it. So in our flesh we shall 'SEE" the salvation of the LORD: Leaving the body isn't the point. We will all leave our body, if we know the LORD or not. The important part is that our soul and spirit are taken UP with him to heavenly places and here we do spiritual warfare as we see in the book of Revelation, a metaphor of how this spiritual warfare unfolds in us. We are not fighting flesh and blood but spiritual forces in high places. The Bible is true, but not as the carnal fleshly mind interprets it.

    Jews are waiting for a Messiah who brings peace here, on earth and not a heavenly peace. Yet I can promise you that there will be NO MANIFESTATION OF PEACE ON EARTH TILL MESSIAH FIRST GIVES US A NEW HEAVEN and then a new earth. So who is going to battle with Christ for the new heavens? Or will you be like the Jews and battle in flesh and blood waiting for a person to come and set us free from our earthly troubles? Just convert to Judaism: They will be glad you got it right. A Jew feels this earth is his inheritance and even when they accept Yashua HaMashiach, they really look for a NEW EARTH and the Christians can do the spiritual warfare if they feel like it. So many of you are most likely the ten exiled tribes of Israel. I know I was but I was from Judah and had to KEEP MY SOLEMN VOW, my feast days and go to HELL LIKE DAVID to find the GOOD ROOT (MESSIAH) and bring him forth into the world. That is the work of Judah, the Jew: TO BRING MESSIAH INTO THIS WORLD and the wicked will no more pass through them. NAHUM 1:15 For thirty years I haven't seen clarity in either Judaism or Christianity and Messianic Judaism doesn't fix the problem; NOBODY KNOWS TILL THEY ENTER INTO THEIR SABBATH REST.

    One more thing, judgement comes first to the house of God (the house he is building with Jew and gentiles): FIRST HE GATHERS the 12 tribes of Israel and judges them, Romans 11, Rev 7) and then through their CORRECTION by the MESSIAH in their soul (HOLY PLACE, that is left DESOLATE till they say blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD), the LIGHT goes to the NATIONS THROUGH THEM. Rev 7 shows how Israel is gathered to bring the LIGHT to those who are also grafted into the commonwealth of Israel which is a great crowd who went through the GREAT TRIBULATION: Why GREAT? Because it includes all those who are grafted into Israel: WHY IS GOD mad at Israel in the Bible? BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KEEP THEIR SOLEMN VOW to bring Messiah into this world. They wait for a man to show up instead of realizing that they are "THAT MAN" that LAST ADAM God is gathering together in the POWER OF THE RESURRECTION, even as that ADAM DIED and we all died with him I COR 15: God resurrects the Jew FIRST and then the nations. SO the idea that the NEW TESTAMENT is for the gentiles is only HALF TRUE: It is for the JEWS in whom the gentiles are grafted into waiting for God to PUT THOSE LOPPED OFF BRANCHES the nations are grafted into, back into the TREE OF LIFE. Its all up to the Jews and that is why they think Christians are silly: BUT IN TRUTH< Israel is silly for waiting for a person when they MUST BECOME THAT MAN (the last Adam) in whom messiah is revealed:

    Lastly, God chose Israel but not the country: HE IS MAKING A PEOPLE FOR HIS NAME: The people inherit the country when all is said and done: The people who are called Jews now will either bring Messiah or they will die and the land goes to those who do BRING MESSIAH OR REVEAL HIM to the world: God has the last word on who inherits the land of Israel.

  5. I have a son James he has those papers that You get before you get Your Social security card. I keep reminding GOD of HIS WORD. If a man does not work he does not eat. Somehow James has favor getting work as he waits for his Social security card. I am praying for him to have Favour with GOD an man as he waits for that right work an have his own place to live. His ex girlfriend Carlene needs much prayer. He prayed with her to come off cocaine. Others around her an her sister has pulled her back. Saying stuff about him an a job that he needs. GOD is looked into this problem an solved. Because I keep reminding HIM of HIS WORD. AMEN

  6. I have listened to you quite a bit…seems to me is, you spend a lot of time defending yourself and others. I am no way saying your not inspired by God but I weigh everything you say and seek God. I will continue to pray that God leads and guides you…I really can only trust God..

  7. Amen. Let your perfect will be done o Lord in my life and sons and family. Thank you Lord Jesus for divine debts cancellations and favour and financial abundance and overflow and total restoration and jubilee double portion blessings and new things now Amen and Amen

  8. Give it up mate,you cannot prophesy for peanuts,you're a false prophet with nothing to say,remember the Trump prophecies, yes they went well and came to pass didn't they???🙄repent and stop it,how ppl still believe what you say is beyond me.

  9. hmmmm. I love Hank, he's one of my favorite prophetic voices, but i feel that he has allowed the critics out there to affect him and intimidate him.. Please don't do that Hank. Be yourself, and ignore the critics. Ignore them and allow the VOICE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT to flow through you. Those critics are fools who know nothing about prophecy. There are people out there who for some reason (jealousy maybe?) have decided to go after the prophets and mock and belittle them, criticizing them for petty things like prophesying too often or being too wordy or prophesying about politics instead of about something they consider *spiritual*..etc, etc ..All this criticism is ridiculous and no prophet should cave in to these ridiculous criticisms. I'm disappointed that Hank is doing that here. No only that, but he is himself belittling others. And as for only listening to the so-called *seasoned prophets*…that's another bunch of BALONEY. The most authentic, true, prophet I know is Mark Taylor, who came on the scene in 2016 as a completely unknown prophetic voice who had never prophesied before 2011 and never released a prophecy to the public before 2016…Yet, Mark's Trump's prophecy was immediately recognized by thousands and thousands of people as a true prophetic word. even by those who are inexperienced with prophets and prophecies. And Mark's prophecy contained detailed information that neither Hank K or Kim Clement received. And almost all of this prophecy has come to pass now. It's wrong to put limitations of any kind on prophets, as God can use whoever he wants to use, even BUBBA. And he can say whatever he needs to say…whether it is with one word or a thousand words…once a week, once a day, once a year or once every 20 yrs. or only once in an lifetime. Be authentic!!! Be who you are.

  10. Alright Hank Kunnman you hit it right on the nail head, I back off also to much watching 3 very well seasoned prophets now I check in with you guys once maybe twice a week to see if it is all lining up with what the Lord Jesus has been ministering to me about. There is no need to know every day something new, the Lord Jesus keeps me plenty in formed.


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