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Hannity warns about the danger surrounding growing support of Marxism


Fox News host Sean Hannity spent Friday night diving deep into “Life Liberty & Levin” host Mark Levin’s latest book “American Marxism,” focusing on the spread of this “radical” ideology across the United States on “Hannity.”

Hannity commented that in Levin’s book he recognized that Marxism is going by different names but holding the same ideological views.

“It goes by many names. You know, democratic socialism, new green dealism, collectivism, progressivism, just to name a few. It’s a rebranding of sorts because the left, they’re not totally stupid. The term Marxism is deeply unpopular in the U.S. for good reason, and despite the promise of a worker’s paradise, marxism always results in one outcome, autocratic power in the hands of very few followed by death, despair, poverty, and ultimately a loss of freedom.”

Hannity recognized that the adoption of Marxism in the United States would end the republic as we know it, citing the trial of misery it leaves in its wake.

“It has been responsible for murders, starvation, torture of tens of millions of innocent human beings from the USSR, the former Soviet Union and Stalin and Mao and China and North Korea and Cuba, Venezuela, the killing fields, Cambodia,” Hannity said. “Make no mistake, Marxism is the antithesis to the American way of life. Our country was founded on individualism, natural rights. In other words, rights come from God, they don’t come from government.”

This Fourth of July social media was filled with anti-American sentiment from many on the left including prominent members of Congress. Hannity slammed the Democrats for their portrayal of the United States.

“Now many on the left want you to believe the U.S. is fundamentally evil and the only way to atone for America’s sins is through redistribution, Marxism, new green dealism. They use climate change, critical race theory, you have radical groups like Black Lives Matter, so-called racial equity programs as vessels, and schools now are indoctrinating your kids and many others.”

Hannity used Venezuela as an example of Marxism gone wrong. Over the past two decades, the oil-rich South American country went from one of the prosperous to decimated. The United States has seen an influx of immigrants from this country Hannity noted.

“Look at the United States of America. We are not perfect, but we are the last best hope for mankind on Earth. Immigrants from all over the world flock to this land for one basic reason: freedom.”


Hannity listed a number of freedoms Americans enjoy that immigrants risk their lives to be a part of every day.

“These freedoms are enshrined in our great Constitution and literally these are rights given to us by God, not by government… This is important because what the government giveth, yup, your government can taketh away and in Marxism, the government controls it at all.”

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