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  1. In he name above every name, in Jesus name I speak a blood line around Pres. Trump and his family and V. Pres. Pence and his family that Satan and his minions cannot pass!!!! You are defeated Satan!!!!

  2. AMEN! In Jesus name "we cancel and nullify" all demonic energy against President Trump, his family, staff, America. Praying! Will fast from am to noon. Blessings! Also, we need to cover us all with the Blood of Jesus!

  3. Yep. The anti-Christ is calling down fire from heaven and burning out city's and California. Pull up Military Strike on California by Gary Shields. Those are first fires. Fort Myers in Canada burned up the same way. The fire is so hot it melted steel cars in the drive way but left the shrubs green 15' away! A chemical fire couldn't do that. That was a Directed Energy Weapon. Same thing happened in Liverpool in a parking garage New Years a couple of years back. That has Cern physics written all over it. The fake suns needed for sunlight when the sun goes dark could be the source. That has Cern written all over it too.

  4. I plead the precious blood of Jesus Christ over President Trump and his family, cabinet members and all government officials that are trying to do the right thing for this country. Father, I break all binding curses and send them back upon the heads of those who sent them, in Jesus Christ’s holy name Amen.

  5. I have been baptized in a lake by a Baptist church in Hudson Wisconsin in Lake Malibu and I want to be saved and I know I am going to be saved I believe in Jesus Susie

  6. CRAZY situation in FRANCE:after the death of 4 policemens,SOME stupids want to make a manifestation,a tribute to the killer mickael harpon.
    Are we ''dreaming''?.
    Time to wake up.
    GIL 🐥♥️✝️🇫🇷🇺🇸.

  7. With all that is going on in CA, the fires, outages, the WACKED OUT politicians and freedom stripping laws…i am surprised people stay. maybe that's what they want. I understand some cannot afford to leave, i pray for them and for everyone, really. I recall CA being the cool place, the place to be for surfing, and skating, the pretty people and trend-setters. As a kid i wanted to live there, you know, that 80's dream. Ha. glad i never did. It is kind of like watching a train wreck. its horrid but you cannot look away.


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