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  1. Have you guys seen Kingdom Business on Prime with Yolanda Adams. She is acting up in that series. And she doing some devilish stuff in there. If you get a chance try to check it out.

  2. The Bible is clear. You can be perfect. God says "be ye holy, for I am holy. You can't see God without being perfect. Habakkuk 1:3 says it all. No one is perfect is a lie from the pit of hell and has been used to deceive many Christians today. Even the so-called pastors don't want to tell people the truth.

  3. If you guys are broadcasting tonight 09/20/22 I'm going to be on that podcast tonight. Also again you should do a podcast about that…that would be a week long series but worth it…Before it gets better its going to get worse and for those who know, you know and that is where grabbing The Rope of Hope to keep your Faith in God comes into play.

  4. Most religious leaders here in our country never expand on Universal Awareness, they holla, jump and shimmy around, repeating the same thing, no further exponding on related concepts that have everything to do with elevating the spirit that has every mortal walking the planet, they failed at their job 501C3 Corporation lackies, railroading the flock, blocking human spiritual growth and building Mega Temples of Sin taking hard earned money.

  5. All these people that have lost their ever loving minds and souls, our entertainers, athletes, prominent political, religious, legal figureheads, whistle blowing left and right but are all in on it. Satan/Lucifer/Iblis is just the worst of those Fallen Angels, the others do their part as well….Satan means adversary/many adversaries and that's how they have humanity in a chokehold right now.

  6. Noone is listening to survivors of human trafficking and abduction, humans are being experimented on, every kind of abuse, harvested, eaten, killed or re-programmed/mentally/spirituality manipulated and re planted back into society. Today is September 20, 2022 it's 4:06 pm EST, I'm in Cleveland, Ohio, you already know in the news about the illegal immigrants that just got displaced. The dime got dropped, those folks were slated to be on the menu. Not a co-inkdink or conspiracy theory.

  7. The leaders of The Modern Era have been sold out mankind, they make the laws to poison the air, water, land, food, medicine…you guys know that, that has caused the planetary destabilization of Earth's Eco-System ie global warming and other catastrophe. Human trafficking, now all these people are coming out telling their experiences and the guilty parties are snitching on one another trying to deflect the spotlight from themselves. Humans as you know, our life-force has an electric energy signature/quantum 0 amplification to be exact. When manipulated it causes a spiritual Flux, an imbalance to the entire human civilization, aren't we all 1 race? Yes. The racial fight has been a gigantic deflection…The Human Being Civilization is comprised of many cultures not races unless you are from another planet…..right?

  8. I'm going to absolutely serious here, please hear me out. You all should do a show on the entire scheme of evil, we are in deep trouble here on Earth and we've been in trouble. All of these pieces fit together, the topics you cover. Now what I'm writing now is considered part of conspiracy theories but it's not at all. People misconstrue Evil entirely as far as the construct. Every faith base says the same things basically in different languages as we know. They're all to be at least explored so one has a better grasp on how to protect themselves from it under the complete protection tion of God. One's right to pick a faith and live is up to the individual respectfully, enough said on that.

  9. You can't make a mistake or sin and be fine; the key is to repent. James 5:16 is speaking to Christians…it says Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

    God forgives what we repent and ask for forgiveness for. We should not as a Christ followers practice sin. But do we mess up, yes, because we are human. Sin is missing the mark. One could miss the mark by having a bad attitude or not forgiving someone; it's not just cheating or having sex out of wedlock . I don't practice sinning. David was a man after God's own heart, but he sinned. The difference is he asked for forgiveness.

  10. There is a difference between an anointing and a gift. God gave all artists this gift, it's what they do with it that matters. We were created to worship God and God only. Music is meant to glorify Him and not to become famous. Worship mob noa Jesus Co. is about true worship. Check them out.

  11. Can you play too much you need to start being a little bit more serious stop playing when it comes to Christianity word of God music whatever don't play with that anything got something to do with God don't play with it this ain't the time for that we need to be trying to get these people straight to God we need to be trying to bring them in not judge them where y'all ain't the judge you might be exposing them but you're judging them too stop doing that that's not what you called to do you can call them out and then pray for him and and tell them to come on now let's talk about this and let's get it right and show them the way cuz a lot of them are lost they don't know they got to be baptized for you with the holy Ghost you don't get in heaven if you even baptized with the water you ain't been baptized with the spirit Jesus was a grown man for he receive the the baptism of John the Baptist and then he started working miracles he was a grown man now how you figure you you just get up and say I don't read the Bible I don't do this I don't do that now you going to need the holy Ghost trust me you going to need that holy Spirit that's what God you that's what God is that's who God is he is the holy spirit they all in one so you can't sum it up don't try to figure it out cuz his wrist is brains and thoughts are so much higher you were it'll blow your head I'm trying to figure out God mind don't even try don't even speak on it just do what you was told to do whatever your gift is and you aren't here doing it do it do it the way God say do it not the way you want to do it do it pray and then get on there and do what he tell you to do believe by the spirit not by your tongue cuz their tongue is a dangerous weapon baby that's the most thing he only gave you control over everything with that and you'll be held accountable for what comes out that mouth man so you better hope you're good I wear your man cuz that's what's going to get you in and what's going to keep you out you better get to the book of Revelation you better run you better run quick like like Marla said don't be like the ones that didn't have the lamps and they all ain't nobody going to lend nothing you going to be left out want to be taking want to be left what you think he meant by that make you think make you want to listen Nana

  12. This is soo pathetic it’s all most comical. You guys look for fault to have content for topics, try and pick them apart try and tell what a persons motive is. I guess you are perfect. Now you’ ve gone too far. How do you know what a song makes everyone feel. God forbid you both take a look at the men in the mirror. We know sin is not a mistake. Then you tell people they are welcome to call in just to be spoken to in a rude and condescending way! Are you called to preach, teach by God. How is what what you’re doing encouraging people to come to Christ. You constant put down on your own ethnicity and feel the need to defend other cultures is mind boggling then turn around and say God doesn’t color. You need to quit God doesn’t need you two as spokesmen especially when he didn’t call you to minister his word. That is very obvious. You both need to have several seats! You can’t even stay on topic, you’re all over the place! God help us!

  13. My hackles came up immediately and as I listened I remembered what I just read in Daniel. The evil men observed him to find him sinning so they could tell King Darius. They could not find any. The only thing they could find was his constant walk with God. Whoa

  14. To be sinless after salvation would be an extreme burden. The worst sins are mental attitude and sins of the tongue. F ear, worry, anxiety, gossip , maligning, etc. The best we can do on Earth is the to become a mature believer with a maxim um amount of sound doctrine and application.


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