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  1. Y I allready wrote everything down if you loose you're channel. I love watching you that's why I wrote everything down in my big paper back writing book. I have alot of addresses written down and info to.

  2. I believe they will shut the whole internet down, not just YouTube. YouTube is just censoring to keep things from spreading as fast till there ready. You have to have the Mark to connect to the nwo communication, you want have a login without it

  3. if what this guy saw was true then obviously there's no need to test him or them any further for the time being, they should know what time it is. As far as there lifestyle is concerned, it does not matter either way. Does anyone know how much it costs and how difficult it is to maintain all that these people have?

  4. Hell is an enemy of God and will be destroyed. It's clearly written in the word. so I don't why your buying into these deceptions man .. what a shame…God is not using enemies to scare us.. God sent Jesus to die for us and if we believe upon him we are then regenerated and saved. PERIOD. Hell is created by the enemy and is of the enemy and has absolutely nothing to do with believers nor will a believer EVER see it.


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