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  1. I know you always say I know you got better things to do THIS IS THE BETTER THING TO DO I've never heard videos done with so much love and so much investigation in depth and study and I feel that you have an attitude got to get this Crystal clear FATHERYAH/GOD bless you I'm so happy about you and your new bride and you getting your livelihood back I don't know if you have a video on the scripture of marriage and divorce I was divorced when I was a younger man in my early 30s my wife divorced me because of problems we had and also she wind up being unfaithful then I wind up being unfaithful before we were divorced and I don't know where I stand I'm 53 now and I'm wondering if I could remarry and be right with FATHER YAH GOD in the name of YAHSHUA/JESUS because even when I hear it preached it always sounds so complicated and confusing and would looking at your videos I'm sure I will be able to understand you much better if you don't already have videos on marriage could you make some of divorce remarriage and marriage please

  2. Congratulations, indeed, on your wedding! She must be an amazing woman + it makes me so happy to know you now have a life partner.
    Everything in life becomes so much more beautiful when you have the one you love to share it with.
    I β€œThank-You” for your inspirational videos + look foreword to each + every one!!! All the best of to you both!!!

  3. Congratulations. As for me and my wife, we have been married for 17 years, and what's made our marriage successful is we always put God 1st. The devil is always trying to pull me and my wife apart through friends and family and everything, but me and my wife always remember on our wedding day, that numerous of people quoted to us that putting God 1st was important. If any advice me and wife could give to you it would be put God 1st.

  4. Leadership that doesn't recognize God cant effect change that is good and eternal. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Man is selfish at heart and evil. Without God man can help it but sin. Sin is the real problem of man.

  5. So let me get this straight no hate am actually happy for you if you're honestly happy 😊
    Beginning of this year you were looking for that missing Rib now that we're on the 8th months of the year you found it and married already well Jeez your God was actually listening or maybe that missing Rib was here all along you just weren't sure if I may ask


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