Quantum computers, and “quantum information technology” are an accepted scientific reality today, yet they are founded upon the assertions put forth by CERN physicist John Bell, who published his theorem in 1964. “Bell’s Theorem”, as it is referred to, is today the most cited paper in quantum mechanics, yet for many years it languished in obscurity, ignored by mainstream science. However, it’s metaphysical and mystical connections were not lost on one under-employed group of physicists in the Bay Area who were already quite steeped in occultism, psi-research, and New Age spirituality…

David Keiser, in his book “How the Hippies Saved Physics” argues that is was indeed this fringe group of “quantum mystics” who lobbied the rest of the rest of academia, and the public at large, to push for the acceptance of concepts such as quantum entanglement, super-position, etc. (which are now allegedly the basis for how quantum computers function)

Books like “The Tao of Physics”, a best-seller, were directly spawned from the work of the Fundamental Fysics group.

A quote from the book reads: “For the modern physicists, then, Shiva’s dance is the dance of subatomic matter. As in Hindu mythology, it is a continual dance of creation and destruction involving the whole cosmos; the basis of all existence and of all natural phenomena. Hundreds of years ago, Indian artists created visual images of dancing Shivas in a beautiful series of bronzes. In our time, physicists have used the most advanced technology to portray the patterns of the cosmic dance. The bubble-chamber photographs of interacting particles, which bear testimony to the continual rhythm of creation and destruction in the universe, are visual images of the dance of Shiva equalling those of the Indian artists in beauty and profound significance. The metaphor of the cosmic dance thus unifies ancient mythology, religious art, and modern physics. It is indeed, as Coomaraswamy has said, ‘poetry, but none the less science’.”

“How the Hippies Saved Physics” (full lecture by David Keiser) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Lpf15w6voc

“Bell’s Theorem still Tolls” http://live.iop-pp01.agh.sleek.net/2014/10/27/bells-theorem-still-tolls/



  1. If your watching this then your awake and aware this is the front line of spiritual warfare we must fight back and expose this continued governance tis is what our world leaders believe they follow Lucifer the light bearer put on the armor of God and fight for the future of our children and man kind God Bless

  2. Big Bang / Gravity / String Theory / Quantum Entangelment
    …every time something stupid …this is what you get with intelect alone without inteligence and Ruak …and absolute lack of reason replaced by emptynes and Ego …nothing can overthrow Big Bang in stupidity though. Explosion creates, or missnaming creation as explosion…ware they soley from USA btw?

  3. I traced this crap all the way back to its source the city state federation of Sumeria, and I can testify nothing had changed ,SSDD all their big scientific breakthroughs are nothing but channeled info from devils.

  4. Scientists, and all  mankind for that matter, will never understand this world we are in, nor should they until they give the spiritual realm that is bonded to all material creation its full scale of influence, and this is something that cannot be understood by man. Its reasons like this that so many people have problems in todays world. We are told form the start we are a body, run by a mind and "religion" is something you kind of do if you want but doesn't really matter in society. This is such a staggering mistake, not just the issues of salvation but the reason that we are a 3 part being, mind body, and soul. The soul actually being the most important part, but is not actually part of this world just visiting, by order of the creator, in a temporary mortal shell. The utter ignorance of who we are, and what we are here for and the disregarding of how vital the soul is not only costs you after you leave this place, but ruins the balance of your life while you are here. I truly hope this awaking that is taking place helps people find their purpose.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks computers are already fast enough as is, and if they did not cram them with bloatware, and we were not attacked by an onslaught of malware, spyware, trojan horses, viruses which are in all likelihood created by those trying to sell you the cure that we could get a lot more done. Quantam computers won't make things better because they will just have quantam bloatware, quantam malware, quantam spyware, quantam trojan horses and quantam viruses so again they can sell us the cure.

  6. I have a question regarding the psychedelics that you say is terrible for humans. If god created the earth, and everything in it, who put the mushrooms on earth? I would have thought thought that if god had put mushrooms on earth, and made them edible, then they were MEANT to be consumed? The same with cannabis and our cannabinoidal system? I would love to get a reply on what your thoughts are about this. Thanks.

  7. Thank you for once again showing us just how full of crap these fools are!
    I just want to smack these jokers upside their heads!
    Yes!! It is EXACTLY like someone is playing a trick on us! From behind the scenes!!
    Geepers creepers people!!
    Wake up and see the fake crap going down with all this quantum computing and QIS, etc!!!
    Thanks again Mr. TTISTF!! You are awesome!

  8. The battle is for your mind, the score kept by souls won or lost.  Quantum computing has it's ingredients all in place to make their final dessert. A walking human that like it or not is wired to the web, or sky net. To be watched and to have thoughts promoted, to be programmed until it's use, Human 1.0 is completely obsolete.  Soon, very soon, human 1.0 will be obsolete, it's clone (see 60 minutes Sunday show on cloning Polo Horses, watch it closely, human cloning is easy to do).  So Human 2.0  chipped via nanobot-gene editing schematics emerges and indeed is already present will mesh with 5G/D-wave AI and poof.  Human 1.0 is turned off,  unless?  Unless God himself calls it off?  Will he?  How do we know?

  9. Thanks for this, Will! You rock! RIP Stephen Hawking – I read A Brief History in Time back in college; also, Godel Escher Bach, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, Chaos: Making a New Science by James Gleick, In the Beginning was Information by Werner Gitt…so many books! I was a physics/math major back then. I used to sit for hours in Differential Equations, page after page, just to get to the end of one problem. Crazy! http://infiniteperimeter.com/infinite-perimeter-upcoming-activism-film-festivals-in-2018/

  10. I had an "ah ha" moment. Could the double slit experiment be the option between good and evil? One possibility being of God and the other being of satan? The good path and the evil path, the dark side and the light side? Is this when God talks about dividing the light from the darkness?

  11. This also raise the question, why even Christian "Truthers", as this Robbie Davidson from Celebrate Truth, promotes Bitcoin. Krypto currencies, AI, block chains, biometric and RFID technologies (Mark of The Beast Technology) and quantum computing is all interlinked. Look up hacker, IT nerd and researcher Quinn Michaels. He claims, that the maker of Bitcoin have secured himself a backdoor to wipe out all Bitcoins, and this creator (if it is just one person) is hiding behind a synonym. That's another thing, why would anyone buy anything of high value from a person, which have no public face and address? Quinn Michaels also claims, that at least at some level the code behind Bitcoin is written by AI, simply based on the complexity of it.

    And here comes the really freaky connection to quantum computing; you can already now find articles by hackers, who claims, that they have successfully broken the otherwise unbreakable code behind Bitcoin using this first generation quantum computers on the market. Look it up!

  12. Spot on as always! Hey what's your take on the "The "nORB Theory" OFFICIAL HD 3D VERSION – Flat Earth vs Globe vs ORB?! Ancient Cosmology Models" video ? Have you seen it yet?

  13. This bloke and the blokes he mentioned should all be locked up in the cukoo house. And then they have the nerve to say that we are dangerous for believing in FE, conspiracy theories even more dangerous for believing in the Bible.

  14. I realize this comment is erroneous, but in hopes that you’ll see it since it’s your most recent video, I have a nagging question for you and I was hoping you had a good answer: why do so many people suddenly blame the Jews for everything and say they’re behind all of this and every conspiracy imaginable?

  15. I knew it…I knew I wouldn’t like what he had to say. I used to follow the Grateful Dead back in the early to mid 90’s before Jerry Garcia died so I have experience with hippies and how they are and let me tell you that all they do is play tricks all day everyday. As matter a fact it’s slang part of their lingo. We would call each other trickster like “wutz up tricksta” “hipsta” or kid. The real ones that followed the dead from the beginning were very intelligent or indoctrinated whichever way you wanna look at it. I don’t trust a word that guy said.

  16. 3 & 1/2 min in and this guy has a smug look upon his face that makes me want to…..sorry sorry not thinking to Christianly. I’ll go ahead and resume the video now and give this guy a chance to talk but I’m guessing I’m really not gonna like what he has to say…

  17. Sounds like to me that every Friday they would meet for their occult rituals, probably doped up on drugs, and they needed some way to explain the occult real world experiences they were seeing. Calling it quantum entanglement when in fact it is spiritual manufestations… but they could never scientifically come to those conclusions.


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