EVANSVILLE – Casey and Vicky White wanted some pizza.

Holed up inside their room at Motel 41 in Evansville, they called Dominos and placed an order. A few minutes later, the delivery man met Vicky in the parking lot.

He had no idea he was providing dinner for the two of the most wanted fugitives in the U.S.

The Whites – who were unrelated, despite the shared last name – captured the nation’s attention in late April and early May. Casey was a 6-foot-9 felon about to stand trial for murder, and Vicky was a former corrections officer who helped him escape the Alabama jail where she worked.

Authorities across the country searched for them while millions of true-crime fanatics concocted theories on the unlikely couple’s whereabouts. Somehow they ended up in Evansville, tucked away at a roadside motel for six days before federal and local authorities – aided by the keen eye of a car wash employee – chased them down on U.S. 41 on May 9.

The fugitives’ story brought hordes of media to town. And it wasn’t the only time the city made national headlines in 2022.

The stories ranged from ridiculous to tragic. Here are a few examples.

The Weinbach Avenue house explosion

Rescue and cleanup workers take a break from their work at the spot where a house exploded the day before at 1010 N. Weinbach Avenue in Evansville Thursday afternoon, Aug. 11, 2022. The blast killed three people and damaged 39 homes in the area.

At 12:57 p.m. on Aug. 10, North Weinbach Avenue was quiet. Cars plodded down the street and a mailman delivered packages nearby.

One minute later, everything changed.

Married couple Charles and Martina Hite were killed when their home at 1010 N. Weinbach exploded. The blast also killed their neighbor, Jessica Teague, and damaged dozens of nearby homes and business – some of which were ultimately torn down.

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