Here I clearly need to explain the obvious once again. R F B
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  1. A spirituality that does nothing to dissolve your ego and keeps one trapped to societies OS is incomplete at best.
    Keep seeking brother, but maybe widen your gaze.
    You are obviously obsessed w finding truth but you can’t learn much from people who believe what you already think you know.
    Am I the Holy Spirit? An angel? Demon? What if I’m just you?
    Love and peace friend

  2. Hey Richie! No need to address the "paid trolls" unless you just feel like it. As one of your subscribers I'd rather you just talk to "us" & ignore them unless they ever happen to point out something valid otherwise it's wasting time. I know you'd rather focus on something important. I'm sure every channel has them. They're just doing their "job" nothing personal, ment to WASTE YOUR TIME AND DISTRACT YOU. It works. Hell I never noticed your hands, usually listen to your CONTENT while I work. Just sayin'

  3. RIGHT! I knew those were not track marks cause as an ex-herion user i know what trak marks look like and those were not track marks…..dumbasses. All ppl care about is gossip it seems like…

  4. Nice set up Ritchie. Like me it's not how pretty the shop looks it's how comfortable you are working in it. My Mechanical shop is my the old back porch I enclosed, a couple of welders and mill and lathe and just behind the old porch is a concrete pad for working on cars. My basement is my electrical and electronics shops I also dabble with embedded programing. I build things to help the disabled in their homes or modify their cars for them as a hobby I guess you could say as I can't work it full time. I'm not getting rich and I do it out of love. What surprises most people about me is I too am disabled and people see me in public with my service dog and sometimes have to use my walker and what surprises them most is the first thing I tell everybody I'm only disabled but it doesn't make me unabled. Been watching your vids for almost 2 years now because I like that you are down to earth, tell it like it is and not afraid to be your self. Keep up the good work and don't worry about the critics and gossip columnists because they will always be there and never satisfied. The most important person anyone needs to impress is themselves.

  5. Richie…. defending yourself from "trolls" or whom ever u are defending against in this vid, Is what they want you to do, because it is turning ppl away from you… it makes u look and sound very arrogant, please stop entertaining these fools and remove and maybe apologize to your supporters for the unnecessary drama and slightly arrogant and annoying posts. JMO

  6. Nobody said anything about you having track marks on your hands but you so i think you brought them up out of guilt I'm a recovering heroin addict and I hope you get help cuz I'm almost positive you're using heroin because you brought that up out of guilt

  7. Richie they're talkin' shit man. I feel ya I grew up here man ya gotta be tough. ACFAU VS RFB is weak and just seems like division among solid teachers, two of my go to channels sucks to see ya clash

  8. You speak to us blue collar hard working Americans that see the poison in the air and food thank you for keeping it real with us silent watchers truth is your strength thank you ….


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