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  1. I heard it was a cold also and a couple doctors said it was just a strain of the FLU.
    this is why it has the same symptoms.
    The things that people believed about this virus is proof on how dumb down society is, television really turned people into mindless slaves.

    There are no airborne viruses and if there was everyone would be sick.

  2. Micah 2.1 Woe to those who devise iniquity and plot evil on their beds! At morning's light they accomplish it because the power is in their hands. 2They covet fields and seize them; they take away houses. They deprive a man of his home, a fellow man of his inheritance.

  3. We have a bunch of armed wimps it’s disgusting. They continue to do nothing but rob us and they see no problem in it they play politics as if one is better than the other yet they all came from the same place. They want to continue to do the same thing while our property is stolen from us by foreigners that don’t even belong here and they send our money all over the world to our enemies even. The men need to take whatever strength they have and end this crap.

  4. Once they collapse the dollar there going to implement there digital currency.. They the controllers no they have a short time to get this done because the masses are waking up to this hoax.. They want a digital vaccine to survey everyone.. It's all like the wizard of oz. There's a few old men behind the curtain pulling the strings.. It's all made up to crash the economies of the world and lock it down to implement there NWO..

  5. Watch the movie Soylent Green, I’v seen it about 10 times but now I finally see it all happening. I didn’t think about the word Green in the name before but now looking back, the Green movement, the Environmental movement, the plant based food crap, the war on milk, butter, eggs and meat was all planned a long time ago. Buy this movie, it is the #1 predictive programming movie out there – by far! In another decade or two, real food will seem like a distant dream; watch the movie!

  6. It's all over. We cannot form a mob large enough; however, we can blast media outlets from home to stop talking about it and to show fuzzy animals instead. #Stop the brainwashing. #Spread hope and happiness. When that fails, do the only thing you can– Ask for forgiveness in Jesus' name, repent, and kiss your earthly ass goodbye.

  7. Thank God for you Richie because you never wavered from your mission, the one God has put on your heart to wake the sleeping keep fighting brother even if this is the Alamo and we get slaughtered no one can ever say you weren't a warrior for Christ!!✝️

  8. i've never gotten a vaccine. I got the flue this year. I'm young, healthy, eat better than 99% of the people, exercise, etc…. it put me on the couch and at one point I thought I was going to die. I felt that bad.

  9. I agree with everything said, apart from the idea of this being a virus. There’s strong evidence to suggest, this is caused by 5G. A dry cough with respiratory problem and and no phlegm?! Never heard off until now. That’s the classic symptoms of radiation sickness, caused by 5G. As long as people think it’s a virus, they’re more likely to comply with government and look to them for salvation. People realise it’s 5G making people sick ( because a few are getting sick) then they will start tearing them down like we saw in Hong Kong yesterday.

  10. Stop fear mongering . Anons know exactly what's happening. People are being asked to stay in their homes so they can be protected from f a l se f l a gs …159000 arrests are being opened up and people are being arrested. The mercy and comfort ships are prison ships. The ca ball is being taken down..

  11. This IS about control, control initiated by the truly invisible, enacted by the moron stooges who hang about in groups so they can share the brain. I was forced to leave via a separate exit when leaving a supermarket today, when I asked why they appeared confused, clad in hi-vis security get-up. The vast majority of people are dumb fucks who need this story, this armature because guess what? Without it they might just get a glimpse of the yawning gulf around which they dance. I do not consent, I will not comply with this charade.

  12. So tell me …. What the hell is a single mother with a 13 year old daughter suppose to do ? I am very worried and trying not to loose my calm but I'm scared …. I never imagined this would actually happen, not in my lifetime anyway. Please would someone tell me what I need to do. Please 😔

  13. Small correction: it is called c0vid19 because it was identified in 2019… or that is what CDC says anyway. However you are correct in that it isn't new. It is SARS-2.0.

  14. John Carpenter's movie "They Live" show how The Luciferian Elites controlled our reality
    The movie also show how The Luciferian Elites keep the masses dumbed down by using the mainstream media
    They wanted us to Obey,Consume,Submit,Conform & Stay Asleep(through the Subliminal Messages)
    Roddy Piper said that the movie "They Live" is not a fictional story movie
    But a documentary about how The Luciferian Elites controlled our reality

  15. I think we won't be hearing the words : WAR ON TERROR like we used too ! This is for sure the NEW 911…. MORE RIGHTS that we will be losing Because of LIES

  16. There is SO Much more to all of this that most other people don't realize. This has been orchestrated from the top for SO long. Science/Scientists along with SO many other powers/principalities that be have been researching and planning ALL of this for over a century. It's all a game in their perspective. BUT…..It's ALL fun and games…..'till MY LORD, Jesus Christ, comes and "Wraths" the SH*T out of 'em. 🙂 Sending Much Love and Prayers
    Kelli… P.S. If you're ever traveling thru N. Fl , Our house is ALWAYS open 4 U !!! BE SAFE


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