The next invasion?
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What happens if China invades Taiwan? Here’s how the start of World War 3 might go down.

For this video I leaned on some excellent interviews and research form:
Oriana Skylar Mastro:
Michael O’Hanlon:

Also, Reuters did a similar speculative piece using some really compelling visuals:

Ian Easton’s research using PLA internal documents was a strong foundation for my reporting on this:

Excellent data gathering and analysis by Gerald C. Brown at FPRI:

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  1. What everyone is not discussing is the Chinese navy is a coastal navy. It is NOT a blue water navy. Yes, doesn’t help Taiwan. Forget China coming and taking over my home country, Australia. Pity, we might get high speed trains, an airport that doesn’t take 30 years in planning before breaking ground. 😂

  2. You can google, I get it – but you're only scratching the surface. Invading Taiwan is only China's first step. China wants to crush the US's influence among democratic nations as well as Indo-Pacific allies. Once China takes over the First Island Chain by winning the war against Taiwan, it can launch nuclear weapons much easier to the US soil (why and how are a separate topic). This is what concerns the US. The US wants to help Taiwan for its very best interests.

  3. It would be the same scenario as Ukraine. It would be a proxy war with Taiwan as the pawn in the middle. We can supply Taiwan with Arms but if we attack anything on mainland China it will turn into a U.S. and China war. If Taiwan is just the battleground then it will be totally destroyed as is Ukraine. And if it’s totally destroyed what’s the point in trying to keep it. Neither side will give in at that point and it will become a dead island in favor of China because they would rather destroy it than have a U.S. backed democracy that close to them.

  4. kinda ironic how China wants to assert its sovereignty while disrespecting its neighbors borders like us the Philippines….If i could sink all their paramilitary fishing boats here and destroying our shoals i would….what a bunch of BS

  5. It's none of America F* business it is a part of China America is a Corrupt Drug Addicted Nation? And when is China going to stop taking threats from America let's see America invade China please try it America you so bad invade China please.

  6. The largest most corrupt and incompetent military's will get pushed back to China, ruzzia and Iran with NK rejoining SK. WW3 would be the best thing to happen to the world.

  7. I know small computer chips and stuff but why dont leave China and its people alone, nevertheless they live almost on the other side of the globe and poking in their space or close to it and a warning from Chinas planes and ships is called "a provocation". This can be easily avoided from US side but too many people are just easily brainwashed from media and overreacting and too much emotions. Fine, go support Taiwan alright but that can bring problems, if you let them mind their business war and tensions can be avoided easily i would say, in my opinion.

  8. Taiwan is not a country, this is just another political manipulation game by Western imperialists, the real name of this political body media are referring is called Republic Of China, founded in 1911 in Nanjing, China, relocated in Taiwan Island in 1949, I just give you that…


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