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Directed By Rachel J. Katz & Hi-Rez
Shot By Rachel J. Katz & Brandon Morin
Produced by Ryan Summer
Edited by Nathan Sheridan
B-Roll footage of Israel by Citron Films
Performed by Hi-Rez

A very special thank you to Rabbi Konikov, Rabbi Ed, and Rabbi Nissan.

The Torah we used was a prop and not a real Torah Scroll.

Comment “Uncle Rez Is The GOAT” if you’re reading this so I know you saw this haha!

#RAP #Jewish #Israel



  1. After hearing what's been going on in various places, latest at UC Berkley, all I can say is keep praying, even if you don't believe. Less than 100 years, and we already have people doing and supporting some of the same basic ideologies and mindsets, behaving in the same ways, pushing to create some of the early measures I can imagine coming from a rising-to-power psychopathic leader from the European continent not too long ago in history. How long before they start calling for more, or doing more?

    Also, Uncle Rez in The GOAT 😉

  2. Glory be to the Most High! Thankful for the boldness in your music. So many are fearful of Torah and see it as a burden from what the churches teach. May the eyes of all be opened to accept his law, his law that our Messiah kept perfectly. Let his ruach guide you to walking in righteousness. The flesh is weak but the spirit is willing!!!!

  3. Crazy to think the first time I ever heard you was when you were a young gun in the game just obliterating bar after bar in the car. Now, I think you’ve more than established your name in the industry. Absolutely amazing growth over the years in your work.

  4. 7 noahide laws, no.
    ALL COMMANDMENTS are for the entire MENSCH. and Mashiach will soon come, but many will be surprised as they see it is He whom they have rejected for nearly 2000. years.

  5. This song is a reminder that the Ego is a form of idol worship. Until we get rid of our egos, we cannot truly worship Hashem, the master of the universe.

  6. From us to you! We pray every day, all Gods create be safe & save aswell grace to all fate, all mistake is human made, Jesus been forgave to and for from his grave, he is not forsake, he did for all sins & beings to be risen for the better & he said to holy spirit & saints: they dont know better! You & We together & write – fight for ever by the pen – amends – repent- Gods gift been sent & resents. So true from your all St_Michael Cobalt Blue 🙏😇🙏❤💯
    Love is of God
    Upholdeth righteous.
    Overcome evil with good.
    Faithful servant
    We walk
    Holy Advocate
    All souls
    The Judgment


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