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THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE IMMENSE RESPONSE! Our prayers are moving mountains, shaking the heavens and paving the way for revival. The more little prayer groups that form quietly around our nation the harder it is for Satan to infiltrate and stop this glorious movement of God!


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… was February 20th, 2021. Where I saw that “DJT” (I’ll just use initials because the amount of censorship has gotten way out of hand at the moment) and a small group of VERY dedicated people compiling official papers and documentation. I saw a computer with the Presidents email opened and TONS AND TONS of emails which he couldn’t handle because of the paperwork. Then in my spirit I was told that the paperwork project would be finished with 1 year and he would be able to return to his position as president and get the emails handled.

The dream above was a direct answer to my cry to God who had put in my heart from September 2020 to pray for the president and his administration and re-election. Sorry to say I actually gave up hope and asked God what I was supposed to pray for now since there didn’t seem to be any hope. He gave me that dream to say “KEEP PRAYING” and that’s what I did.

THE SECOND DREAM was August 19th, 2021 and is much longer than the first dream so I won’t detail it here but I was basically given a mandate to continue to pray and open the way for others to join.

IMPORTANT – Both of these dreams are a call to prayer. God never told me “THIS WILL HAPPEN” He told me to pray. I believe that if enough of us are truly praying it will actually pray these things into being. And the opposite is also true, if we don’t pray, they won’t happen. Unfortunately there’s a lot of immaturity in the church when it comes to dreams. Many people think every dream is a THUS SAYS THE LORD when it’s simply a call to prayer, or a warning.

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  1. Jesus will save us and help us through everything. Jesus loves you all. Please open the door he is knocking. Jesus, God The Father, and They Holy Spirit wants you to come to them so bad. It’ll be the greatest thing you do . Love you all brothers and sisters in Christ. Can’t wait to see you all when we are finally home one day. Praise The Lord!!

  2. I'm sorry I have to say this to you but your the kinda person that puts dought in peoples hearts about god an jesus,..STOP WTH THESE FALSE DREAMS AN FAKE PROPHECIES…..your hurting people by this an yourself most of all

  3. Here it is 2022 and Trump lost to Biden who actually got into office

    Now for my honest question with a very valid point

    How on Earth can executing someone in or out of power possibly happen when anyone with money can easily pay their way out of trouble? They're not even held to the same laws as the rest of us have to obey and they're not ever held accountable like we are. If we did anything these people can get away with, the book would be thrown at us. We can't get away with nothing, but those in power seem to be able to since they have all the money

  4. We have known about HRC for two years, and thousands of us, maybe more, pray 🙏 daily for Prez Trumpet 🎺 his family and our Military, as they rescue the children, and make arrests ..Bless you …

  5. Another false prophetess. Obviously Feb. 2021 to Feb. 2022 as she predicted has already come and gone and so is Trump from the presidency. So this business of inbox in his emails is bunk. April 2022 and trump does not have presidential emails any longer as he is not the president. if Trump decides to run again in 2024, he may be at risk because no one wants his evil butt back in power except those who God says" And I shall send them strong delusion that they may believe a lie that they might all be destroyed because the had pleasure in unrighteousness". Obviously Hillary Clinton or "HC"as this false prophetess stated would be eliminated is still alive. So what excuse will she use now? People have dreams everyday, millions of them and thousands of them on Youtube and not even 1 single one has ever come to pass. What makes this false prophetess any more special than anyone else?

  6. Trump is just as bad as any of them he dose the 666 sgin prymid he’s part of it to obamo is the Antichrist but trump is as bad there all part of the same team

  7. American burns in my dreams and burns with radioactivity – have a happy have a sad have a good have a bad – the American people have their hands stained with blood – good luck you bunch of clowns

  8. But it's the end of March – and DJT is not reinstated – so I must assume that you like so many other dreamers will now start changing the dream to suit yourself – where is God in this???

  9. Sister you have been deceived by Satan himself, you are placing your value in this country which is worldly and material, when you should be preparing yourself for the Kingdom of Christ that is to come SOON! Do not be fooled into believing any mere human will be your savior as that is worshipping false idols. Never forget that God is the truth. Jesus Christ is your savior, he saved your soul when he died on the cross for every man’s sins. Soon he will return for us but we must be ready! Read your Bible, revelations tells you of the signs to come, there will be many false signs and false idols so you must read the Bible for clarity and truth. I pray for your discernment and truth 🙏🏼

  10. I just needed to add… I full on believe you, sister… I've had one dream that stayed with me for months now… It had such an impact on me that I started searching for youtube videos of fellow Christians (REAL Christians… watchmen) who also had dreams that stayed with them… I've watched so many, but in my very soul I knew they weren't true. Not your's… I believe every word of your dream and I know God told you what it meant.

    I had a dream of the rapture… but unlike, everyone else's… They were all dreaming of their rapture. As to say, they believe to be riotous enough to get to Heaven. Sooo few of everyone will be good enough to go. Saved and with a new spirit that virtually kills every worldly desire. I find their assumptions to be bothersome. I work every single day to be good enough. But in my dream, I didnt get to go… I just stood there in the middle of the nigh, with my husband and my dog in the parking lot of our home. A lot of people were, actually… as if we all just knew something was happening and ran outside to see the sky. In the distance, I saw (very few) glowing human shapes gliding relatively quickly upward. Dark blue but with a light blue glow around them. We couldnt look away… even my dog was fixated… then they were gone as soon as they left. It was fast, but slow motion at the same time. My husband and I looked at each other and I woke up… I'm not frightened of the impending war this year… I'm afraid of not being truly saved

  11. I’m so sick of your Republicans talking about Hillary Clinton, and for you to get views on your channel you want to lie about a rapture dream that God ever gave you your false and fake

  12. You are truly not a prophet, and are delusional, everything you said was wrong. I know in the End times there will false prophets and people calling Good Evil and Evil Good.
    DJT has never shown 1 second of a belief in a god let alone one word to obey the words of the one in only God and Jesus The Christ.
    To love your brother who even to turn the other cheek.
    Anyone who says one negative word(even though it being true) about him he attacks like a wild crazy dog.
    I pray for America every day too and hope people will open their ears and eyes to see the truth and get back to the Our Savior Jesus The Christ.

  13. Have you considered the skateboarder to be Julliian Assange
    and 7 wheels representing G or 33?
    G as in masonry, giblemite or even a menorah.
    Also I have heard from Glenn Kimball that Joseph of Arimathea, Mary and others were exiled from Jerusalem and went to England from there.
    A lot of what you have said strikes a chord with what I understand.

  14. The Lord is my rock,my fortress and my deliverer ;my God is my rock ,in whom I take refuge.He is my shield and the horn of my salvation,my stronghold.Ps.18:2…God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity,but of power ,love, and self-discipline.2.Tim.1:7…🙏🙏🙏

  15. The one who conquers and who keeps my works until the end, to him I will give authority over the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of iron, as when earthen pots are broken in pieces, even as I myself have received authority from my Father. And I will give him the morning star. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’

    Revelation 2:26‭-‬29 ESV

  16. When my brother and I were little, my Mom was annoyed with us and told us to go in the yard and dig until we reached China. She handed each of us a little spade to dig with. We weren’t digging but a couple of minutes when we found two pieces of broken China that we thought she buried for us to find. We went running into the house saying “ we found it, we found it “. The look on her face was priceless.

  17. ÒMG!! A month or so ago I was becoming discouraged with all the rumors of certain patriots being exposed as deep state. Some even said Trump had been compromised. Some patriotic chanels that I thought were on point started hosting certain people whom I discovered were loyal to the theory of "alien's seeding earth", ie denying Father God as our creator. I became very alarmed, wondering if I was falling for the great DECEPTION. In desperation, I went to God in prayer wondering how I should pray since I no longer knew who to trust. He gave me one word!! INFILTRATION! I realized that the good guys were still fighting but that infiltrators were fighting just as hard. So I knew to pray for those whose hearts were upright and to expose the infiltrators no matter who they were!! When I heard you say INFILTRATION my jaw dropped!! So YES, KEEP PRAYING!! MORE THAN EVER!!!


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