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  1. The controversy 7. Through your videos I began to the thing s more clearly. So noticed in the film "the devil's advocate" (which was produced in 1997) that the name of Donald Trump was mentioned from the 40 min of this film, just watch and hear it by yourself. Then I did some research and found that Bill Clinton was president during this year (1997). So check it yourself and tell me what you think please. Thank you brother!

  2. Controversy7 my brother America is under judgement it doesn't matter who you vote for but let not the righteous keep quiet,cry out aloud for zions sake🙏🏾

  3. Trump will win, then he'll get assassin -_- by unknown people. Prophecy of 44 Israel kings will be the same for USA "44th" President (Obama) will still be the last chosen President. Finally World War 3. Then Antichrist declaring peace on earth….. My prediction if im wrong then i guess i am, but i also can't deny that sounds true.

  4. Trump is a sellout and Hilary Clinton. Stop living in a fantasy where you think that piece of trash trump is going to save you. He's a Satanist just like Hilary Clinton. Independence is the only way


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