Part 3: Fertile Ground…of this documentary series on the History of Christian Rock Music.
Just experimenting, so please excuse the craziness.



  1. While I appreciate that you are taking the time to address the cultural/sociological/spiritual shifts that made contemporary Christian music possible, and especially appreciate that you are recognizing the truism that in many ways it was the Roman Catholics and liturgical denominations leading the way, for a documentary about music, it's pretty much non-existent.

    You should be able to assemble at least short clips of the U.K. based Christian beat bands (no mention of them yet) and folk mass guys and gals and ideally at least some contemporary interview footage with the still surviving folks from bands/singers like The Crossbeats, Ray Repp, Care y Landry, the Medical Mission Sisters, the Pilgrims, the Joy Strings, etc.

  2. Comments from 2009. In 2017 – CCM as a vehicle to confront social and secular issues is quickly dying. The once billion dollar market is now worth about 40 million (excluding worship albums). "Praise and worship" music with drums and guitars has become in-house for worshipers.

  3. That's it? No more videos? The first video said we'd be exploring all these different artists, producers and record labels. All we got was a 60's culture video. So disappointed.


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