Welcome to our virtual Holiday Bible Club. It’s been out of this world to have you join us the last 2 days and we really hope that you enjoy what is coming up today. It will premiere at 10:30am.

In todays episode:
Welcome – Jill
Countdown – Sarah C, Ruby and Jill
Story – Andrew
Drama – Jeannie, Sarah C, Robyn and Luke
Memory Verse – Victoria and Leah
It’s an Adventure – Sarah C, Ruby and Jill
Closing Prayer – Margaret

Questions from Andrew’s story:
1. Where was todays story set?
2. How many disciples did Jesus have?
3. Why were the disciples frustrated at Jesus?
4. What did Jesus do to ‘calm’ the storm?
5. How can Jesus give us true peace when we’re afraid?

Submit your answers by 5pm today to myroepresbyterian@outlook.com or message our Facebook page.

We’d love to see your pictures too!



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