The Book of DANIEL: Chapters 1 to 12 – Full Narration with Text, Complete, Dramatized Audio – Audio Bible English Contemporary Drama Version – Old Testament



  1. Be warned war is coming. I see the signs of it's chaos that is the front of the storm cell. The distraction of the protective higher powers, the mysterious individuals that lead some on a quest or challenge that gives them the means in which to save many people but do not know it until it happens

  2. And why were the high archangels sent to earth in the disguise of these men. Is this the time of Micheal's fall a the hands of the fallen angel of Persia Dobiel? This has to do with you being cast into the outer darkness held away from your own creation along the boundaries of existence doesn't it. I will not answer this calling to my ability for it is a trap set by those of this era to distract us.

  3. Lord God, why was Daniel cast into Hell. If he was a prophet why is it that Belshazzar is among the damned and condemned for I have encountered his spirit recently many times? By the way,Daniel was incorrect in his interpretation of the dream. The kings dream of the tree was representing all the kingdoms,each fruit was a king. The meaning of his dream was that the holy angels had come to destroy his kingdom and were ordered to raze it to the ground but over time his kingdom would rise again but only after every building had been ground into the dust from which it was built.

  4. Is it Possible that Religion is a lie?

    Yes! It is a lie. One of the Greatest Cons for Theft of Individual Expression and Money that has ever been Perpetrated on the Planet. And it’s legal!

    There are more than 4,600 Religions, worldwide, with thousands of Gods. They’re all claiming to be the one True Religion, following the One True God. Either only one Religion is True or all Religions are False? How can all Religions be True?

    Many of these Religions advocate the Mutilation of its Followers and Death to anyone who doesn’t believe as they do. The Bible is full of Violence, Genocide, Prejudice, Slavery, and Injustice, often commanded by God—and it’s been used by Christians to justify more Violence, Prejudices, and Oppression. It Uses The Same Mind Control Techniques Used Today.

    The Bible’s descriptions of Nature and Natural history are Hopelessly at odds with Science.

    If there was a God and he Created Man in his Own Image, he would have to be One Awful Ugly, Schizophrenic, Malicious, Deranged, Dude, to allow his Children to be Treated as we are Today.

    He would make Hannibal Lecter look like an honest Politician. Sorry! I have no appreciation for Politicians either. Religion Contaminants Everything in Life.

    It's Simple Logic that brings out the TRUTH…

    If You can't Understand This, It's Not My Problem…

  5. I pray for you today that: the word of God will comfort, inspire great faith and bring healing to you. That you will be strong in faith and continue to give glory to God always. That you are confident because God has heard your prayers, He has answered! In Jesus name. 🙏🙏🙏 Amen

  6. In this book God wants us to know how to live well with others. That when you are leading a family , we should know that God expect order as it is in Heaven. Revealed in the book of Revelation. God is LOVE AND SO HIS HOST. LEADERS should love according to the God’s ways.

  7. Even when I am busy . I can put on my earphones and listen to the word of God. I can listen to one chapter at a time, to the other with much understanding. WE ARE NOW CLOSE TO THE PROPHECY IN THIS BOOK OF DANIEL. I meditate day and night. This is what the WORLD IS EXPERIENCING TODAY.

  8. What a book, a Holy book that is so inspired by God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. A Holy book that guides, reveals deep mysteries of God. Only people who accept the the spirit of God will understand the meaning of the mystery thereof. Thank you for putting this book on audio.


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