The Holy Spirit fills you with power to do good and overcome anything (lyrics enclosed). Christian rock band Sons of Thunder was formed in1985 by Stephen Bennett (, Kevin Rankin (,, Damian Utano, and original drummer Alan McKay, who was later replaced by Gil Rasmussen. The band was very bold and prophetic for their time in the eighties, declaring a gospel message that is still powerful and has relevance today – over 20 years later. They travelled in Australia playing in schools, churches, and concerts, where many hundreds of people found salvation in Jesus Christ. In that era they were one of a very small handful of Christian bands in Australia that were fulltime. Their sound was part of a growing move in the eighties of more aggressive and bolder Christian music that was emerging in a restorative prophetic era in the Body of Christ. SOT was one of the first Christian bands in Australia to use new computer sequencing floppy disc technology on stage. The band recorded a single and an album called Angry Young Men (Purchased / downloaded at, and released a 4 track 12 EP in the USA, they toured mostly in Australia and in once in Thailand. The band finished by 1988. We pray their music still speaks to you today and their zeal for God inspires you for the furtherance of the gospel, and to find your eternal salvation in the Son of God Jesus Christ Saviour of the world.

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When Im happy and Im feeling fine
Getting shivers up and down my spine
From my head all the way to the ground
Holy Spirit coming down down down
When I wake up on a rainy day
Sad an lonely cos Im so far away
Lost and lonely in some foreign town
Feel Your Spirit coming down down down
Holy Spirit coming down on me (x4)
Like a river to the deep blue sea
Like a snowflake settles on a tree
Like a flowers petals all around
Feel Your Spirit coming down down down
Holy Spirit coming down on me (x4)
Down down down take it down
Holy Spirit coming down on me (x4)
When Im busy fixing Better Doors
When Im dizzy mixing metaphors
If I smile or wear a foolish crown
Holy Spirit still comes down
Holy Spirit coming down on me
Holy Spirit coming down down down
Oh Yeah

Music & Lyrics Sons of Thunder 1985-87
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