From Oregon to Massachusetts SOLAR SHIELD is In full effect

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  1. One of the main reasons why its getting so hot during the day it's because they're creating the greenhouse over the top of us they are stripping the ozone layer so the UV penetration into the planet. If it were truly warming like they say it was, it would be warm at night as well but only during the day when the UV intensity is increased because of the stripping of the ozone layer

  2. Richie, it's the same in the southeast of England, cold mornings till 12ish pm , then hot ish, by 3.30ish it get cold, all night. They say we will have snow dumped on the UK by this weekend. It's Wednesday evening. Bless you all keep strong

  3. AMEN I Was working at TULSA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Checkpoint Security Supervisor. Than TSA came in and took over.And got on with them I told them this was an inside job not because of security they said you feel that way you shouldn't be working for the Goverment.I still kept telling them my point of veiw.Had to leave after 18 years at airport because RA OSTOPROSIS LUPUS BURSITIS and Corpal Tunnel. Hate this now on disability.Any good suggestions for when my check gets shut off.Othet than saving food and water back.Thanks and GOD BLESS ALL

  4. I Watched the Doppler radar for days when the forecast-ed this and never saw "hurricane Willa"…the whole thing was bs…they only thing they ever showed were graphics never any active radar!

  5. Richie I've emailed you 3 times I don't want to be a pest. I know you are extremely busy. The beginning of my email address starts with rainbows
    Its extremely cold here too! If you are too busy to read them, it's ok. I understand. If you do have time the last one is most important. Anyway I care and will not be offended if you don't respond. If you have a Dollar Tree they have the same quality reading glasses for a dollar. 😀

  6. I'm sorry that they deleted your video I've been in nine other chats that we've had a high numbers is over a thousand and it dropped a zero and the likes we had over a hundred and fifty five dropped a zero and this is nine different live chats I even had some of my post I know more than hit the button to post I'm actually seen the words change as it launches on the screen not cool

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