Launch to the Future: Quantum Internet — The Department of Energy & UChicago — #QuantumBlueprint:

U.S. Department of Energy unveils blueprint for the quantum internet at ​‘Launch To The Future: Quantum Internet’ event:

Hot Qubits: major quantum computing constraints overcome:

From Long-distance Entanglement to Building a Nationwide Quantum Internet: Report of the DOE Quantum Internet Blueprint Workshop:

H.R.6227 – National Quantum Initiative Act

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  1. As a new subscriber, I enjoy your narration. I’ve been listening as I drive to and from work (an hour drive one way). Your videos are informative and don’t instill fear. You’re calm, collected, very well spoken, and great to listen to. Thank you for your content!

  2. I love your content, and love your format! I'm here to listen to your perspective though cause it's refreshing and I wish more people had the foundation of the most high as I believe you do! Shout out from PDX

  3. Not saying 5g isn't harmful, BUT I believe it's been more of a distraction from the REAL THREAT which is 6g !!?!! VERY demonic👺 capabilities!! And they've got a program they've decided to call GENESIS. Can you believe this?? I mean, they've put things right in our faces, plenty of times, but THIS is just….??! ?? !!

    6g Genesis…. Like Genesis 6 ???

    The chapter of the Bible documenting fallen angel and DNA manipulation… Now we've got the SAME THING, dna manip, only through technology this time. And the program is 6g Genesis!!
    Nothing new under the sun.

    From Genesis 6 to 6 Genesis 👿

  4. You are close and all around it. The quantum concepts are tied to the newest extension of Evolution, known as the theory's tied to their belief that we are in one Universe of many Multiverses. Your discussions about Gnosticism and ties to the Kabbalah especially ties to the worlds leading scientists and how some of them claim to be perplexed by the consistent parallels to the world's modern science theory.

  5. A FEAR Based Economy…

    She said to me: None of it is Real……., Nothing!!! I looked at her, and she said: You teach us kind sir that we are born and live in PURGATORY, and yet not one other YOUTUBE Channel can speak this.?.?.? She hung her head low, and said: ain’t no one in charge….., they all do what that fucking EDISON Machine of Forced Slave Labor [A.I. Technology] #QANON /_ tells them……, and this is how the REAL WORLD we all came from did come to an end in the year 2094 C.E. cause no one could accept that {all was a lie} [{**}] from our Presidents too the UNITED NATIONS TV Show of Fake (COVID19) cause that fucking Machine called LUCIFER said to do this, and then do that, and since no one would “QUESTION” why must human hurt human we built Prisons, and Jails, and Dungeons to treat one another into MENTAL HEALTH!!!

    She would not stop ranting, and she went on… NO ONE on TV is real be it A YouTube personality, or a Mainstream Media TV Talking Head cause they are all just [Backed up] Q’ DATA Logs in the World Machine where every 200 years we get blown up and raised in 1893 as INCUBATOR Babies, and we been doing this shit so long that our De-Ja-Vu Dreams have broken down into “bits and pieces” of corrupt data just as this Holographic Virtual Reality life is Falling apart with its INHUMAN Face Mask and 666 Feet of Social Distancing where my children ain’t no longer “allowed” too play, or dance, or even find romance!!! Her Anger and Rage was not becoming…., but it was her truth…, so I listened more as she said: Didn’t you ever watch them Old 1960’s James Kirk STAR TREK where The Machine told everyone what to do???

    I considered her words well spoken.., and well thought out., and I began to drive to the Mega Cities, and I saw the Military Escorting [The Protesters] Q+ for these BLACK LIVES MATTER CNN and FOX NEWS International TV SHOWS, and I said to myself: Can I confirm “anything” in this world from Pearl Harbor where the U.S. FLAG Blew up its own ships too erase the POST MUD FLOOD Technology……., and did that event actually happen in the 1940’s or was WORLD WAR ONE and TWO over “thousands” of years ago………, and we are just raised every [200 years] Q to do the same old song and dance routine.?.?.? For why would WE THE PEOPLE “choose” to Destroy ourselves with LIES and More lies unless all the FREE MASON Lodge “Members” are in on this lie, and they try to keep we nonmason in the dark…

    The more I watched TV SHOW be it Youtube or otherwise, no one would say: WE ARE IN PURGATORY, We are Born into Purgatory, and this [Celestial Sphere] Q` is not our Real Home World… Maybe it is too painful to know we might be in the REAL WORLD, and that we just keep repeating the dictates of “a machine” that has a back up of the GREAT WARS where even Vietnam, and the Gulf War are now “suspect” to be nothing more then OLD RECORDINGS Presented as new in that book of 1984 where people like ALEX JONES keep the lie going cause they took a God Dammed BLOOD OATH to an {inanimate object} [{*}] known as the SOFTWARE of an A.I. called S.A.T.A.N.

    Johnny Exodice

    Can you verify TRUMP is Real, what of PUTIN, or Xi, or even the fucking Pope on Dope, or are they just Plastic Surgery ACTORS playing “the role” of people long dead and gone for Thousands of Years as we REPEAT the END OF THE WORLD one more time…

    The Sentinel…


  6. I have been watching for years and i love your videos, but i might be programmed to say that so take it for what it's worth. lol Seriously though, i have never heard anyone speak as much truth as you have, Thank you.


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