With the dust barely settling at the O.K. Corral, the notorious Clanton brothers unleash their revenge. One by one, they gun down Wyatt Earp’s brothers but they won’t have the last shot. Using his US Marshal’s badge as his authority, and Doc Holliday (Robards) as his deputized right-hand man, Earp begins a zealous pursuit of vengeance that the west will never forget.



  1. Notice there's barely a female actor (other than bit parts) to be seen in the entire movie. "The complaining wife" had 4 short sentences at 22:08 … Other than her, there were only background females very briefly in 4 other spots in the entire movie (and I do mean "brief" and with no lines.). This isn't the only reason the film is dull, but it certainly is one of the main reasons. The completely unauthentic "Late 1960's western clothing" was also silly.

    The cast was populated by great actors (some of the biggest names of the day)… but whoever directed and produced had little imagination or love of women.

  2. Robards cracks me up in this, Did ya get sworn in? I don`t know? Virgil mumbled some words at me and I said I do, Robards went on to play Al Capone in St Val Day Mass., this same year, talk about great range as an actor? He`s a legendary talent, we are lucky to have this opportunity to watch him work at his craft, I would highly recommend the Ballard of Cable Hogue if you like Robards, directed by Peckinpah. If you are a Garner fan rent Marlowe and watch the legendary Bruce Lee jump up and kick out a ceiling fixture, 10 ft high…..

  3. There are so many layers to the story in fact that overall it was one that ran slow most the way, and all characters crisscrossing the line between lawful and unlawful actions and deeds. The majority placement wins, but remember the winners write the history books. The Northern "aggressors" won ere then, yet the newspapers arent history books, and they paint a torturous path leading up to the fight and ensuing it. No movie captures it perfectly, but I'm pretty confident most agree Tombstone was the most faithful in the main. The Doc and Ringo speculation was a brilliant creation, but there are few oral traditions to fall back on but more speculations. No one knows what actually happened, but that one is as valid as any.

  4. WYATT EARP realized that a friend,a real friend,well that's for life,DOC HOLIDAY had only one friend,with WYATT, one was all he needed,HOLIDAY WAS TRUE BLUE TILL THE END,that's as good as it gets,i just buried a 55 year friend,he was like HOLIDAY,true to the end,RIP WYATT,DOC,and CLYDE,FRIENDS ARE GOLD,SOME SOLID GOLD

  5. my old man told me once if you have good friend in life you are rich ma! better than 100 million dollars, I wouldn't change my best friend that passed already for all the money bill gates has

  6. What Earp was a great Husband but not so good of a man. He was a cattle rustler and a claim jumper. He had the Los Angelas D.A. file and falsify papers for him on two accounts. But all in all a neat character in history.


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