Ever since Formula 1’s new rules were announced back in 2019, there’s been an obsession with how fast the new breed of cars would be compared with the previous generation that raced from 2017 to 2021.

In Bahrain we got our first real comparison at the end of qualifying. Low fuel, fresh tyres, 100% performance unleashed. And it told us some very interesting things about both the new and old cars.

So with the help of a 3D animation from our good friend @Crashalong, let’s analyse Charles Leclerc’s 2022 pole position lap versus Max Verstappen’s pole lap from 2021. And when we’re done, we’ll explain the reasons for these differences in more detail – and what to expect for the rest of the season.

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  1. correct me if im off base here but i feel like 2021 was the last year of an era of perfecting that type of car and 2022 seems like the beginning of a new era where they are starting over again.

  2. Lap time is of absolutely no importance. Speed relative to the other car on the track at any given time is whats really important. Get rid of the heavy bs green on the cars and we will see some better racing.

  3. Can I give this vid 2 likes? Being able to actually see where the cars are faster and slower in relation to each other is AMAZING. Before watching this video I just assumed that the 2022 would gradually lose time throughout the whole lap but there are tones of times where the 2022 is actually ahead 🤯. Great vid!

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with the 2022 cars. I love how they look and, of course, the improved raceability is very welcome. What I REALLY miss is the AMAZING quality of the older car's qualifying. The lighter, more agile cars, were just a sight to behold. Now, the new cars seem to be lumbering around the track in comparison. I really hope the new cars can narrow the gap sooner than later because qualifying used to be my favorite part of a Grad Prix weekend. Take care, -Eric 🏁

  5. It's just incredible how close these drivers are to each other. Like, one guy's lap being 0.3s (3 Tenths) slower in a lap that takes over 90 seconds is just crazy. These small racing distances at incredible speeds makes it look like far less of a feat than it really is.

  6. Could be interesting to race one 2022 car vs one 2021 car on the same track. This video lays out a pretty good comparison, but it would be interesting to see how the different cars react to each other under race conditions

  7. Also have to remember not only the tire difference but this is the first season of the new regulations so it'll take time to reach full potential for the cars but its definitely made interesting races so far

  8. We also need to remember that this was the first time the car was properly being raced in it's generation vs the previous generation F1 car. Car set up and tweaks have a long way to go before they can claw back lost pace.

  9. Why is the 22 car slower. They said it has 40-50% more downforce … i think its a little bit sad that the cars get slower. At least there is less dirty air now …

  10. The new cars are just pigs in the corners. Painful to watch. F1 cars used to be all about braking and cornering. They need to get much lighter. I used to own a road care that was lighter.

  11. I am not a fan at all of the new cars and rules.
    The days of in race refueling, bigger engines ect.. that was F1. Get rid of DRS ! It’s like F1 is trying to match Indy cars. Indy car racing is dead in the United States it’s become a version of NASCAR. They ruined Indy car racing when the series was changed from CART.


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