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  1. hi outties🙊peepin in here a bit shy and uhh nervous for the comments😅 I want to thank those of you who have encouraged me to make this video & share more about my faith. It’s a HUGE part of my life & to be honest I have always struggled. I hope this video offers you little nuggets of inspiration ✨ also I just want you to know that whether your Muslim, Jewish, atheist, gay or whateverrrrrr I don’t see YOU as a label only a beautiful human being and I loveeee you🌈so i please ask that even though I’m “Christian” to not just see me as a label as well 🤍 anyways peepin in out of here now 🤓

  2. I agree with you ☝️ 💯 with those tips to be connected to God , Jesus Christ

    Amazing. Work
    Christian music is my favorite to workout 🏋️‍♀️

    is positive
    Is good for our minds hearts soul it will brings us peace joy love ❤️ the best feeling ver

  3. thank you for doing these vids i know im a little late but it does mean so much that one of my fave youtubers is a christian so i am not alone out there in the world of youtubing as a christian! thank you so much again

  4. Question for you is why do you say oh my G O D because it’s one of the 10 Commandments you shall not take your Lords name in vain it says it in the Bible anyway I’m not here to judge just asking because I’m curious I also don’t think you should wear a brawl just to work out and wear crop tops anyway please don’t take this the wrong way just curious to know God bless love the video

  5. It stinks you didn't get more 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 for this video, but never be discouraged. Jesus never said following him would make life easy or make you popular, but it is better in the long run😁 thank you for your great content!😁😁😁

  6. Hello everyone I am Muslim I used to feel that people would hate me and get judged for my religion. Now I have seen this video and since I see Natalie expressing her religion it makes me want to express and show my religion. 😍😊 love for all no matter what religion and what you follow 😊😍

  7. My only criticism would be that you are too dependent on the digital world and technology. You should use paper material for Bible study. Lights, computers and technology kill the soul.

  8. I think something that God did that was for a greater purpose for me was to find him and trust in his word. I lost my faith and went down a dark path but I’m back and I think him leading me for a while was going to do me some good when I found my way back

  9. Since you studied the Bible in-depth how did you feel about the many errors, hundreds of contradictions, and the many false prophecies found in the Bible?

    I do not talk without evidence, I created a video in my channel (Hit my image on the left to move to my channel) a video explaining in detail some of these errors, contradictions, and false prophecies.


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