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👀 If you see this, just know that I am about to go on a date night with Dennis and I’ve been stalling by uploading this bc i love you guys too much! btw, comment your favorite worship song, I wanna know

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  1. hi guys 👀 hehe (nervous laugh) God has put another faith based video on my heart and YOU KNOW watcha gotta do honeyyy!!! you gotta come thruuu for GOD!
    Thank you for the encouragement to grow closer to my faith and for all my non believers…I LOVE YAH TOO!
    Here is something I added in my last video that still rings true today!

    hi outties🙊peepin in here a bit shy and uhh nervous for the comments😅 I want to thank those of you who have encouraged me to make this video & share more about my faith. It’s a HUGE part of my life & to be honest I have always struggled. I hope this video offers you little nuggets of inspiration ✨ also I just want you to know that whether your Muslim, Jewish, atheist, gay or whateverrrrrr I don’t see YOU as a label only a beautiful human being and I loveeee you🌈so i please ask that even though I’m “Christian” to not just see me as a label as well 🤍 anyways peepin in out of here now 🤓

  2. This is the first video of your channel that I watched and it's just so beautiful the way you do stuff and live your day, and especially how you act with your dog and husband and possibly everyone that you know. I'm starting to study the bible and watching this video right now before sleep was a bless in my day. ✨✨✨✨✨

  3. Thank you for making this video, I probably should have seen, your first video how you read it during the start of the day LOL. Once again, its videos like these that continuously help and convince me to build my faith in Christ everyday, and to have an upbeat attitude and sense of humor. I started around 4 years ago reviving and rebuilding my faith in God, but now it's been quite the journey.

  4. I love how she shows she isn’t perfect and that it’s ok to fail because that only makes you more aware and comforted if you’re seeing this just know Jesus loves you and so does God so don’t give up on your faith ❤️

  5. Thank you for allowing God to speak through you in this video because even if you didn’t realize you did, you lifted a burden off me by sharing yours. Also don’t let these people judge you because if we were perfect we wouldn’t have needed Jesus. Thank God we don’t have to save ourselves.

  6. That's a great idea putting your bible where you can see it so you'll read it. That's effectively what I did yesterday. I made myself a little prayer area in our bedroom so I can go sit quietly read and pray. I like to sing when I do bible study and prayer time but I'll definitely consider playing some worship music. It's funny because I was just thinking of doing that then I watched your video great minds! 😂😂

  7. I came upon your page today and I'm so thankful. I just finished watching this and I really needed to see this. As a Christian myself who recently rededicated my heart to the Lord, I'm always so hard on myself. Am I doing enough? Is God pleased with me? How can I grow an even deeper intimate relation with God? With the books and tips you suggested I am definitely going to try them out. You have a new subscriber and sister in Christ. Love ya and God bless ❤️


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