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Hello everyone!

Here’s the long awaited updated version of how I take notes! This technique has saved me this semester as I don’t have to write separate lecture notes and textbook notes, and I hope it can help you as well! ☺️

I’ve been on a little break from social media these last few weeks, just to focus on my studies, family and friends. I’m finally seeing the end of exam season (only 1 exam to go!), and Christmas is finally around the corner. I hope everything is going well for all of you who have finals at the moment, and I wish everyone who celebrate all the best for the holiday season! ❤️

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Anyway, I hope you’re all well. Take care ❤️

Studytee xx


– Notepad: EMO college grid paper (generic brand from a local bookstore)
– Pens: pilot frixion 0.5mm needle point
– Coloured pens: uniball signo erasable pens
– Thicker pens: pilot frixion color pens
– Ruler: staples
– «Eraser»: pilot friction eraser
– Sticky notes: Clas Ohlson

FAQ (will not be answered in comments):

Which grade are you in?
– I’m in my first year of university, studying medical technology!

How old are you/where do you live/what’s your name?
– I’m Therese, 21 years old from Norway (please check my IG FAQ before commenting something rude regarding my age! Thank you)

Can you send me your notes, or do you sell them?
– I post some of my notes on Instagram, and other than that I don’t share/sell them, I’m sorry!


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Music by and

Camera used: canon eos m3 with 40mm lense

I edit my videos using iMovie, and my thumbnails are made in Canva!



  1. I think that the way you write notes is really cool but i can't be organized all the time
    I mean that the first page will be great but the next page will be worst than the last page + I think the way you write your notes fits even middle school👍👍😁

    Sorry for the bad English 🙁

  2. My college teachers were savages… we wouldnt have enough time to even write a full sentence! By the time the class is over, our notes would looks like a complete mess! I dont think i would be able to get my notes this organized!

  3. Everyone, you improve you can improve your handwriting if you practice daily and focus not on speed but on the readability/beauty (if that's what you find important). It's a motor skill that will only improve with practice!

  4. I think this really takes time. We can't take notes because the teachers are like blah blaaaaaaah… I don't even have time to write. Then how can I decorate? 😆 Instead wasting time on decorating we can study at least one important sentence.

  5. I'm just schooling. This year I'm having my matriculation. 😔
    And I literally hate making notes .I have not got so much time for beautifying my preps.I am a marginalized to modifications. To score good I grind myself thoroughly through my books ……😊


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