Do you want to know what role Israel will play in end-time prophecy? What signs are going on in the world right now that are fulfilling end-time prophecy concerning the nation of Israel? Will there be a third temple built soon? Tune in for these and other questions surrounding Israel and end-time Bible prophecy!

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00:00 – Start of Video
01:19 – Amir’s Testimony of How God Miraculously Saved Him
06:30 – Why Bible Prophecy is Important
09:30 – Israel’s Role in Bible Prophecy
22:31 – Modern-day Signs of Bible Prophecy Fulfilled About Israel
29:02 – America in End-Time Prophecy?
29:52 – Will A Third Temple Be Built in Israel?
35:39 – How to Support Amir’s Ministry Behold Israel
39:39 – Final Words From Amir



  1. A simple cursory look at history shows us that the reason for Israels existence is because of the Balfour declaration. What is he talking about? God threw them out of Israel due to their rejection of Messiah, have they accepted Messiah is God crazy? There is a great deception coming don't be fooled by this. God's people are believers not any people of any race.

  2. If you pay attention what Amir is saying is Revelation chapter 6. The first seals is Antichrist he mentioned. Please study the book if Revelations. You will love it!! I visited Israel right before Covid and it’s no secret to see how the Lord is with the nation! The are prospered in every area: Technology, science, medicine etc. it’s unbelievable. Amir is someone I have great respect for. Please follow him, You will learn a lot

  3. Infact true enemies of Israel are unvailing, Turkey, Iran, and Russia. Arab countries are also tearing apart from the three countries, calling them the beast countries 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

  4. Amazing! I have been following Amir for a few years now and he is very knowledgeable about Israel and the Tenach. He knows his Bible and understands end time events. I am so glad you brought him on to your broadcast. I have been studying Biblical Hebrew for 5 years now and understand the importance of being connected to Israel and understanding the Bible in the original language without all the translations that have taken away from the true source. I am also part Jewish, among other nations, but staying close to Israel and Hashem is crucial, especially since we are in the last days. I have always believed that if Christianity would bring in the Jewish side of things and the Jews, bring in Yeshua as their saviour, we would be one and become whole again. Christians have departed from their Jewish roots.

  5. Does anyone else think, this should've been a panel?? At least with topics that were discussed. I feel its one thing to have a solo interview, no problem there, but for the 'hot' debatable opinions of Mr. Tsarfait, I feel things were unjustifiably one-sided. There are followers who would seriously disagree.

  6. I'm looking an Israeli pastor whom I rely to exposed the truth concerning the words of Almighty God and his son Jesus Christ and so I found Amir Tsarfati who heartedly dedicated as Christian Believers and a Pastor who raised in Israel where our Lord Jesus Christ was born, I got much interested in him being an Israeli, well of course i believe this man because all of his teachings were all referenced in the Bible.

  7. I truly hope and pray that you read this to the end. This Calvinism is a cruel teaching that contradicts so many verses in the Bible that John MacArthur needs to stop teaching that the True and Living God of the Bible does not give man a choice. If John would stop being so blind, he would see that there are four kinds of "saved" people in the Bible. 1. The Chosen. 2 The Elect. 3. The Predestined. 4. Those That Will Come! Otherwise, you have to believe that Jesus was not being forthcoming when He clearly invites anyone and everyone to come to Him in the Gospel of John and in 2nd Peter 3 v 9 God could not be more clear when He says, "My desire is that none should perish but all come to REPENTANCE"! John Ch 5 v 39 Jesus says this, You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me. BUT YOU ARE NOT WILLING to come to Me that you may have life. Does that sound like we do not have a choice? Jesus makes it clear that they can choose Him but they clearly MAKE A CHOICE BY NOT BEING WILLING TO COME HIM!
    Also it says in Mathew Ch 22 vs 14 that "many are called but FEW ARE CHOSEN"!

  8. If you want a prophet of God who can show you Biblical prophecy that few understand, because they were sealed up until the last days. One of those things sealed was Ezekiel chapter 1.
    You will not find a true teaching on it unless maybe you saw my video on the subject. I can break down that chapter verse by verse.
    I say this because you should interview me on your channel. I will amaze you and your viewers. God says, Despise not prophecy, but rather try (put on trial) all things, and hold fast to that which is good. He also says that prophecy is of no private interpretation. Check out Ezekiel 1 and what others say about its interpretation, and then get with me for the amazing true interpretation in a verse by verse breakdown.

  9. I’ve watched Pastor Amir when he’s been a guest of Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills,CA. But I’ve never heard his testimony before. I listen to him on YouTube and he is amazing. Thank you Allen for having him as a guest. And BTW, you’re pretty awesome too and I love watching you as well. I’m going to be a young and healthy 80 years old in a month and always love hearing about the end times. I believe we are living in the end times.
    God bless you brother and your lovely family.

  10. Our skin was black like an oven,
    Their face is blacker than coal, judah is black unto the ground. That's how jeremiah described his people, the tribe of judah. When watching this program only Allen par match the description, deut 28 68 slavery by shios

  11. Allen Parr I am willing to go to this pilgrimage next time that sound so exciting since I am so excited to see this land where our HERO JESUS walked, I will follow you to get updates thank you GOD BLESS Amir Tsarfati GREAT MAN of GOD indeed

  12. 30:08 Hello, I have a question. When you said the anti christ would re-instatute sacrifices, would that mean gulp animal sacrifices? O.o I am new(ish) to the bible and am eager to learn more. This weighed on my heart immediately. I am aware the Old Testament was filled with quite a background on this topic.

  13. Why do christians make a big fuss about Israel?
    It's an illegitimate nation filled for the most part with a tribe of impostors from kazharian ashkenazi descend (slovac/turkish/mongolian) that don't have one semitic cell in them yet keep calling people like me "antisemitic". What a joke! No wonder I resent being called "christian". I'm simply a FOLLOWER OF JESUSCHRIST.

  14. I am so thankful for the salvation of this young man. Praise the Most High. I do not want to be confrontational but there is a question deep in my spirit. I have listened to several of your videos and respect your knowledge. I was told in my spirit very young that The Most High has something special for me. I misunderstood and thought it went earthly prosperity. Sometime later, I was driving a long distance talking to the Most High about the puzzlement in my mind about issues in the Black Americans life. I heard in my spirit to write a book. I was given titles of chapters. Job and family obligations delayed the book’s completion. So, as time went by, I felt more and more information has been revealed to me. Part of my revelation has been that the Israelites came from Israel, at different time, and many ended on the west coast of Africa. I believe in my spirit many Black Americans and others with slave ancestors are descendants of Israelites. Please help me as I continue prayerfully to work on this book. I feel an urgency in my spirit. Thank you for any information you can provide.

  15. This for country of Israel is not what the ni or
    Is talking about. They fit new me of the courses or the blessings. The true Israel is the so called black people. Since when did the nine deceive the people
    Of Israel as the land. They were never stolen and put on
    Ships and lost their language and their Hod YAHUAH. The Bible said the when Israel are in their land their would
    Be peace. It’s never been peace their because they are not the true people. Wake up

  16. I’m so sick of today’s society I just want to go home can you answer me this can the rapture happen before the temple is built, bc I read 2 Thessalonians and it seems the rapture won’t happen until the antichrist walks in the temple and declares himself as god?

  17. Why is it no one talks about the original hebrews and the so called jews in Israel today. The so called jews in Israel today are really ashkenazi jews or converts the world is trying to pass off as the true hebrews or God's chosen people .
    Why don't we have real conversation about these people, it's all there but even the most prominent preachers won't mention the true facts and correct people like this guy speaking in this clip. They lie continually concerning this very important fact. The real reason is because the world does not want the real people to know who they are. The truth is out and now it needs to be discussed.
    Read Revelation 2 : 9 and 3 : 9 and research for yourself and realize the truth

  18. I just want to say “I LOVE YOU” @Allen Parr, respectfully, and with the love of The Lord! You have very great information, content that REALLY matters to our Spiritual lives! I can’t thank you enough! MAY OUR GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! 🍃🙏🏾 ❤️

  19. Listening to the false prophet who betrays the God of his fathers and worshipped a god that his fathers do not know is antichrist. Just like Paul who was born Jewish fulfills Daniel 11:37-38NKJV. All those who wowed at this sickening person's foolish wisdom is an abomination in My sight fulfills the Bible prophecies of Isaiah 41:24 NKJV!


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