CBS News Special: The Week In Space, June 3, 1966 (Gemini IX space walk simulation –

Mike Winger’s (+Cultish podcast) challenge to FE proponents –

Buzz Aldrin calls moon landing an “animation” on Conan O’Brien 5/17/00 –

dredg – Down to the Cellar –

Kaschalot – Whale Song –

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  1. Cultish, perhaps they should do a show on the cult of the greek philosophical/ gnostic cult of calvinism. (Im sure they're Calvinists)

    Ofcourse they believe it's a ball, their greek philosopher idols told them it was.

  2. seems like when you're a real dude, and talk about things that really matter, you don't get a lot of views or likes. on the other hand, I'm glad to see my "like" make a difference. Keep up the awesome and incredible work my brother in Christ.

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. "PY-CO-PAY", Thank you, I needed that add in my life right now 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Dear Lord how asleep I once was. Thank you Father for the grace and blessing not to still be asleep

  4. I have a lot of questions that men cannot answer…but Cern is not what they claim it is..smashing particles together lol what a joke what good is that going to do anybody?? I'm so done with retarded bs I am so ready to leave here.

  5. So what am I seeing when I look through a telescope at the moon and it's shape , a hologram a delusion what ? Same for Venus Mars Jupiter , what am I seeing ? Is it fake ?
    We do not get all the answers here . All will be revealed at the appropriate time by our Creator . Don't limit Him , we can not fathom His works in no way . Many mansions Jesus said …. I go to prepare a place for you … many mansions .

  6. Did he say made to withstand the air of space? A toothbrush made to withstand the air of outer space?!?!?!
    Anyone else catch that. Just saying that's one impressive toothbrush.

  7. At 13:50 you gave me (with the help of the Lord) the biggest nugget of truth and reinforcement I’ve had in years. To start I’ll say that flat earth broke my mind and sent me into literal existential crisis. For the last 5 years I’ve been in mental flux over the topic. It absolutely did lead me to repentance and salvation! But the importance (how important) and Biblical accuracy of flat earth has been hard on me. I feel it’s somehow the core to my existence, but know that without love and salvation, it’s just more deception. Right before this video I told my wife that it’s very hard for me to remain grounded in reality, whatever that even os anymore.

    Then you said it Will. God asked Job if he had measured the earth because God knows it’s not possible. It wasn’t possible for Job (a very righteous man), it wasn’t possible for the Egyptians, the Babylonians, or the Romans. It’s not possible for man period. This means we can know for 100% certain that no one ever measured the earth, globe or not. Therefore it’s all a lie for sure. This really helped settle me. Praise the LORD and thank you brother.

  8. Thanks for doing this video. Like I said, it’s my hope that the conversation is being reignited. 🙂 one of my favorite parts was the lack of addressing the story of the sun and moon stopping and deferred it to their blog. (Joshua 10 is the scripture that God consistently uses to reaffirm when I have had doubts early on. Anytime I would ask God to show me if I was way off basis with looking into flat earth he would slap me with what he says in Joshua.

  9. And though we grow into men and desire the meat of the word, developing a hermeneutic that is sound (or we suppose it is) we must never lose sight of the mystery that is beyond our pitifully small minds to grasp completely. The Creator is so far beyond our comprehension but He has condescended to reveal Himself to us in His word.

  10. Because it is this planet (whatever shape it is) where God breathed life into the man he formed and that man became a living being……that's why this planet is the focal point. If there is anything we have learned in the past 2.5 years it's that "science " is the Devil's tool of deception.

  11. My family lives next to your family as neighbors (in another dimension) our daughters are best friends. We cook dinners for each other on weekends. It’s you’re guys turn this weekend.
    We’re looking forward to your spaghetti goulash.
    This dimension is a tuff one. Stay strong! Hold the thought and dream so we can talk about it over my garlic bread. See yo soon.

  12. Hey people, it's real simple. If you are faithful to the Father, you accept His word as written. While most of the viewers of this channel probably don't deny Genesis 1, a lot of so-called "christians" do. THE SCIENCE is a religion and the Bible does not require any validation from THE SCIENCE cult. Every time a preacher tries to bend the Bible's words to agree with bogus claims made by THE SCIENCE I cringe.


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