Are you confused about the way your life is going? Have you made plans that have failed? You need answers for your life? Listen and be blessed!



  1. I have just listen to this message and I come here with all I am facing right now I feel like my world is falling and on the other hand Jesus is trying to show me something.
    Please I need someone to talk to and someone who can help make a better decision

  2. God placed him in prison, and Joseph used his talents to run the prison. God developed his skills in Potiphar’s house and in prison so that Joseph would have them to run all of Egypt second only to pharaoh. There’s always a meanwhile!

  3. I really wanna commit but I keep meeting the wrong girls and end up having sex instead !
    the girls that I view as potential partners don’t like me, and the ones I don’t care about, we end up becoming friends with benefits! It’s becoming hard to believe in the relationship things, I’m very close to just give up and start sleeping around and forget completely about marriage ! It’s taking too long and it’s becoming exhausting to keep the faith that someone good will show up along the way! I’m tired of this shit! Very soon I will give up and just sleep around !
    God if you read this, come through!
    Can’t do it no more!

  4. My relationship ended today but all the principle seems so right but its seems as if my partner couldn't heal over his suffering. Maybe right person wrong time???
    I love God before he came into it and during the season hardship the pit he gave up.
    We had a Christ center relationship but I didn't work out? Which I don't understand because our path seem to not line up?

  5. This was beautiful, I really needed to hear this, I left an abusive marriage, but I'm still in the pit, I'll trust in you lord, you didn't get me this far to leave me..I love you


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