We’ll walk you through the steps to getting in touch with Instagram customer service in case you are having problems with your account or have seen something suspicious on Instagram that you’d like to report. More information on how to get in touch with Instagram is also provided below.

To contact Instagram, go to your Settings, then scroll down and tap Report a Problem. Select the reason why you want to contact Instagram. Type in what you would like to ask the customer support team. When you’re finished typing your comment or question, tap the Send button in the top right corner.

Here are some other ways to get in touch with Instagram:
You can email them at support@instagram.com. However, most people who try to contact Instagram through email do not receive a response.

You can fill out Instagram’s online contact form here: https://help.instagram.com/contact/364531043625021

Reach out to Instagram on their social media pages:
Instagram on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InstagramEnglish
Instagram on Twitter: https://twitter.com/instagram

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  1. Hello,
    I have issues with action block Its happening temporary for 3-5 days and after that when I want answer my comments after 3 comments it happened again now I have a lot of comments without answers and I dont know what can I do actually I feel my followers feel bad when I didn't answer to them,
    I will be thankful if you help me

  2. how can I changed my email if I’ve been kicked off it. It’s saying it’s sent a security code to an email which isn’t mine, I want my account back so badly and I want to change my email!!

  3. damn 😢
    i run a fanpage (@LifeIsShahid) for more than 4 years now and some stupid Turkey fake fan created the account by using similar username and i asked her/him to change their page name and she was stubborn as hell so i had to report her account. and within few hours her account got removed and now she is Messaging me with new new accounts and threatening me. What should I do? She was their just for followers bcz she used to make it a fan acc of new actor every new month. like she posts few pics then del all pics changes username then repeating same process just to gain followers. What should I do as m damn sure that she is asking everyone to report my account and she is also creating new new accounts to threaten and trying her best to remove my account 😩

  4. Okay so while I was going through my Instagram profile I go to my personal hashtag to go through all my artistic photography abstract pictures and this pops up..I

    To make sure only the most relevant
    are shown, we’ve hidden some posts that
    may be private or low quality

    I have no idea what’s going on…is there anyway I can post any images on my hashtag? Is there anything that I can do?

  5. Hi there. I hope that it is okay to ask a technical question about instagram. Something weird happened to my second instagram account which is the business page that I set up for my investor business that my hubby and I have started.
    I have a personal page and then I started a second account as a instagram business page. I haven't looked at the business page in a while and when I did, I remembered being asked if I want to sign in with facebook.. I didn't choose that option and the next thing I know, my business page was no longer connected to me in any way. When I look at my business page, it's like I'm an outsider and all I can do is follow.

    Previously, I bumped myself out of my facebook business page (I was perusing and wanted to understand what editor was — huge mistake) BUT with time and changing my facebook email address, my husband was able to make me an admin again.

    Having said that, would that have been the reason I was bumped out of my instagram business account? I am so unsure and hoping to find a way to get reconnected again to my page. I'm reaching out in hopes someone may have come across this..

  6. When I try logging in with my info it’s say error sorry there was a problem with your request and say if I try signing up for a new account it’s say that signup is blocked I’ve tried reinstalling and uninstall but nothing works but when I try to login my computer it’s working fine I’m literally gonna kill myself and sue instagram

  7. I'm having trouble unlinked an facebook account that was linked to my insta account by another person. I have follow the prompt of how to unlink the account , sign out , deleted the app, re uploaded , sign in and turn my phone off and on and still said that my account is still linked to that unwanted facebook account. I have also report the problem since 10am this morning and just wondering of when i will get some help with this? I now cannot use my personal insta account nor business page. Could one of your support team contact me ASAP . Thank you so much. xo

  8. I reported an account for posting pictures of me and pretending to be me. Instagram disabled my account which has over 200 photos whereas the catfish account had two photos of me. I've followed the instructions and sent my I'd to appeal the decision. I've done this every day for a week as I've been getting no response. I'm beyond angry meanwhile the catfish account is still active with MY pictures!!!!!!! Instagram is a patchetic joke of a company!!!!!!!

  9. This is bullshit I have reported my issue 30+ times and nothing I have tried contacting them through Facebook too and even online and nothing !!! It’s been 3 weeks now

  10. Someone is using my daughters photos on a page that wasn’t made by her. If I call Instagram though their customer service line will they do anything?

  11. The link to reset my password hasn’t been sent to me and I’ve tried multiple times.I’ve also requested support and did everything they asked me to do and I still haven’t gotten a response(it’s been a week).I need help

  12. I can log in..but after it I am not able to use it becoz the whole screen appears white. And written there is oops! Some error occured…I can't get it plz help..

  13. Hey whenever I try to log in my account from last 2 days I just put my username and password and it's done but then on the screen it appears like oopss!..some eror occured and u can't use my Instagram..it's not working even in other devices also…plzz help me..what to do..

  14. my problem is I am no longer in touch with the gmail ID associated with my account and suspicious log in attempt is being displayed I've complained a number of times on Instagram 2fac support

  15. I need help, Instagram deleted my accounts. I've tried everything to get it back but nothing really got it back. Please help me get my deleted/suspended instagram accounts back. I really need it back, if you could tell me people who can get it back for me that would help. I really had alot of important things on that accounts so I need them back.

  16. I would like to add an instagram badge to my website that will connect my customers immediately to my instagram account. How is this done? I've tried with no success.

  17. I cant log in my account i dont know what happend when i put my user name and password they say we send 6 number code on your number or email but I loss both now what I need to that I can open my account

  18. I have problem with my features like Polling and GIF sticker.. i already complaints and dont got any response. and i already follow many ways but nothing happen.. i always update my instagram.. i dont know why it happen?!?!

  19. i have a issue. i lost my mobile phone and sim and now for some reason i dont have that mobile number which was linked by my instagram account. so whenever i'm login my account it requires my mobile number…plz help me


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