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How To Discern Prophetic Dreams From God | Part 3: Dream Again


Has God ever spoken to you through a dream? For some, this is a way God speaks to you regularly. For the rest of us, this sounds weird. However, throughout the Bible we do see God gives prophetic dreams and visions to many of His children, including Joseph in Genesis and Paul in Acts.

If prophetic dreams are an area of your faith journey that is unfamiliar to you, listen to this message from Part 3 of Liquid Church’s “Dream Again” series to learn the basics. Whether God gives you a prophetic dream or another person speaks a word over you from a dream or vision, we believe that God can still move through dreams today. In this message, Pastor Nithin Thompson explains three reasons why God gives prophetic dreams and words from Himself to His children, and provides four guardrails to help us discern whether a dream is a prophetic word from God, or just a normal, everyday dream.

When it comes to prophecy and prophetic dreams, remember that the Holy Spirit is at the center. God speaks into our lives through prayer and Scripture, but He can also speak to you through dreams and visions. Don’t be overwhelmed – just be open to His leading.

Dream Again Series | Pastor Nithin Thompson | Liquid Church

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  1. I dreamt I was with Jesus in his storehouse he showed me the mountains of grain.Told me that the corn was ready to be ground. I heard a shout that said the wheat was ripe ready to be harvested.

  2. It’s interesting, because I had a prophetic dream last night. Now, when a lot of this dream had a fulfillment during this day, I started to analyze and I am pretty sure that this was something beyond my control that happened and fulfilled. This was my second prophetic dream lately and I am quite sure that it’s something supernatural.

  3. Thank you for sharing and showing us in God's Word that God speaks to us in dreams, because even some Christians don't believe that God speaks to people in dreams even though the Holy Bible says it.

  4. Recently I had a dream where the virgin Mary spoke to me, I was in the town that I grew up in a town that has a special place in my heart because I was very happy there. In my dream there was a big festival and there were so many people it was a festival that they do every July for the local church. I saw myself dressed in all white and I was waiting in line and everyone in that line was also wearing all white everyone was excited but i do not know why, then i heard a female voice say my name I looked around but didn't see who had called my name then I heard it again but coming from the clouds then the clouds parted and she appeared but i was the only one who saw her or herd her everyone else continued talking to each other in excitement. She said my name one more time then she said we don't have to wait much longer he is coming soon. My dream then showed me that there are others among us who are doing everything they can to destroy the faithful they are everywhere hidden in plain sight my dread ended after that.

  5. such a wonderful time to be able to share in God's Word this season. Pastor Nithin did a great job of helping me realize that its so so important to be still and just listen to God, because he speaks all the time. AMEN


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