Dalton and his son Isaiah demonstrate a “Discovery Bible Study” and give some advise on how to start and sustain fruitful participatory Bible studies in your family and community.

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  1. He’s a resembles a lion in the throne room to those in heaven but resembles a lamb to us because he was slain for us so that’s how we (majority) see him, as a lamb. Idk. I’d like to have more bible studies.

  2. Great Information. Ive been feeling lead to start a bible study online since I am not able to get out much even with out the current pandemic. God has been telling me I can use the tools I have available but was unsure of how to start. Great teaching point. Thank you Dalton and Thank you Isaiah!!! One of my Sons has a biblical name too back when bible names were not popular and not a popular one either, Enoch. But he loves his name now as an adult and people have actually been curious about where he got it 🙂 great starting topic.

  3. I enjoyed the way you have inspired your family for the love of jesus involving your son and breaking down the way to help and teach God's word although I am struggling to witness myself you have offered me a way to explain the word of God in a very simple manner may God bless you in all your endeavors

  4. Understanding prophecy sealed the deal for me! And I strongly agree! We know from the prophet Isaiah that we are to teach our children The day of the Lord! Thank you for sharing this!


    This is the link I told you I would share with you about what they knew they were going to start to implement back in 2005. This is a man it says is Bill Gates but whomever it is, he is saying he is going to use a virus to implement vaccinations against the religious fundamentalists.
    Satan knows that sorcery is pharmaceutical and sorcerers will not inherit the kingdom and he also knows that believers give in to anything they say. Examples were the seat belts, helmet laws, cameras, masks and now sorcery. All in the false name of safety.
    If they raised the speed limits and make cars so they would crush like a cheap tin can and the states got paid incentives for implementing these laws then they would naturally do it and say it’s for safety while they poison our foods, implement microwaves and phones that are killing us and even computer cars that they can control if need be. Aluminum kills us but it’s in many products and they put it in vaccinations and the air we breathe. It causes brain damage and cancer and immune deficiencies.
    These are pure deceptions, implemented by the hand of satan.
    He changed the laws, the calendars, the gospel, and many deceptions since our Messiah. Like who we are when we receive His salvation, and what Lev 23 is, and just so much that I would be writing all night, I’m sorry, I’ll try to keep it short. Plz watch this video and we must not be deceived. If we teach then we are responsible for knowing all there is to know about Him, His Word and Who is Who of the nations that he speaks of in the Word.
    And knowing the truth in history is key. It’s not what they taught us that is true, but what was going on behind what they told us that is the actual truth. We have been deceived on every turn. satan is no dummy…..Ultimately yes by wanting to be YaH himself, but deceptively in mocking, and implementing everything contrary to Truth, no he is no dummy.

  6. The book of John is a walk through the physical tabernacle and showing that every physical attribute of something in the TaNaK has a spiritual meaning and it is explained further in the NT of what the Spiritual meaning is.
    The problem is the church thinks the gospel didn’t start until after our Messiah died and that’s not true.
    Nicodemus as a leader was supposed to know what it meant to be born again as John the Baptist also knew.
    King David had Salvation.
    He begged that his salvation wouldn’t be taken from him.
    Many had Salvation in the OT/ TaNaK.
    Good questions!

    What an awesome young man! Isaiah has such an amazing heart and character of YaHuWaH ( Behold the working hand behold the nail) in our Messiah YaHuSHa ( the working hand; YaHu is Salvation)
    We are Israel if we are grafted into The Branch who is IsraEl. And Hebrew means to be crossed over from death unto life.
    Messiah has never sinned but we did. But He came and paid our citation of the law we disobeyed…
    It’s Like you going through a red light….you were free from the law until you disobeyed the law and now the law is against you for your disobedience, he hated having to come and pay the fine because he always hated sacrifice and would have preferred you not gone through the red light to begin with but He can only shed His blood once so He cleans your house and expects you to stay clean, now GO and sin no more!

    But we must admit we have sin or we cannot be cleansed of the sin! Because if we say we are without sin then our sin remains and we are liars and the truth is not in us!

    Corona virus is a purposeful preconceived and made up to cause the religious to be made to take a vaccination because sorcery is pharmaceuticals and sorcerers will NOT inherit the kingdom of heaven. I’ll share a link that will show you this has been in the making for years.

    They actually knew this in 2005

    and knew what they would do to implement this. Many with bad immune systems, young children and elderly have died from influenza for years.

    Those numbers they make up on the deaths of people are not true but hardly anybody researches and just believes what they say. It’s a scare tactic. The safety belts and helmet laws were the same thing, we get fined for disobeying man made laws so we all gave in.
    They put up Cameras everywhere invading our privacy all in the name of safety when it’s actually for power and surveillance of citizens,
    and we gave in, yet they let prisoners loose.
    They give us tickets… does that make us safe? No it doesn’t.
    They raised speed limits so high that it’s insane.
    The cars are now made of plastic instead of metal so at one time in history we could all get out and see what we hit, or if we gave each other a dent n now we are maimed and killed from an accident.
    More people die in accidents than any virus but they did nothing about making vehicles better.

    Officers all over America are without masks and are beating people chatting….but we are not supposed to be together chatting for our own safety? Is it safe to have officers beating people while the officers themselves are close to the people they are beating yet the officers are not wearing masks? This is all a deception.

    Priests are Sherrif and they were supposed to uphold YaHs laws not man made laws.

    We would not get plagues and diseases if we would have obeyed His laws, but instead we shake a fist and say we can do this on our own, we eat pig and put potty in our water and etc…
    Then when He gives us the plagues we put pesticides on the food and eat GMOed foods ( sugar, corn, corn syrup, corn starch, papayas, zucchini, and etc which animals eat and are sickly then we eat the sickly blemished spotted pus and drug filled animals which is satan made food instead of not sinning.
    Christians twist scripture to say they must sin after Messiah said to stop sinning! Don’t go back to the Mire, Vomit, Foreskin, Go and sin NO more. Sin is transgressing the Law.
    Moses was given all the laws not just 10 or 2. They are How to Ahabah love others and YaH.

    NOTE: I was going to the newspaper columns of the obituaries and the people were all dying from old age and cancer. Not from a virus!!!
    When the hospitals got paid to say they died from corona is when the numbers went up.

    It’s a lie they made up only to implement vaccinations/ sorcery.
    Sorcerers who take vaccines will be rejected by YaH and the Messiah.

  7. Keep up the blessed Kingdom work! Regarding DBS, here are the 4 questions I find helpful asking:
    1. What do you like or find inspiring about the passage
    2. What do you find challenging or difficult?
    3. What does this tell us about God?
    4. What does this tell us about people (ourselves and/or others)?

    Then after discussing those questions with one another the next set of questions is about obedience. Prayerfully consider (and if possible write your answers down to each of these questions):
    – Based upon what we read what do you believe you should start doing, stop doing, do differently, or continue doing with more zeal (these 4 questions come from 2 Tim 3.16)?
    – Who comes to mind as someone you can share what you discovered from this passage?
    – Who can you share my testimony or the Gospel with this week?

    Then at the next meeting begin with sharing how you each obeyed what the Lord showed you to do from the previous week.

    This method I learned from Curtis Sergeant, a brother in the Lord who was used in a staggering way to begin a huge discipleship movement on Hainan Island, China beginning in the 1990's and which the Zume' (Gk for yeast) Project material is based:

    Curtis Sergeant website here:

  8. What a blessing! Insightful, inspiring, and entertaining (Isaiah cracked me up when he described our black hearts). 😁 Loved the transparency of you both in doing the study fresh for all to see. It is obvious you two love each other and Isaiah really looks up to you Dalton. You are one blessed family!


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