1. lol.. you made this video on my birthday… I was thinking about the first time I noticed anything strange it was on my this exact day..I noticed the stars looked very strange…

    and Richie I tried looking for people in this area, I haven't had any luck, also I have a lot of trouble getting online and doing anything now that I'm awake. they even blocked me from my Facebook so I can't get in touch with anyone. they know that most people on my facebook I personally know and fb is my only contact with them..
    wish I knew good people and Texas. Wish I could just go back home.

  2. Gods church may be seeing Jesus Christ in person soon. Fast and pray saints our reward is eternaty with our Lord it's time to shine for Him read revelation 2:10kjv or it's 10:2kjv the devil will throw some of you in prison…

    Love me Jesus into death and I Jesus will give you the crown of life.
    See you at the finish line!

  3. RFB you should do some further videos on prepping! Now we all know were screwed, what do we do kind of thing! Lol We all have advise to share!!! 😎

  4. Thank you, for your information. I am in Florida an I'm a single mom of two grown son's who have autism thanks to my government vaccines. I am trying to learn how to survive and without these links I would have no idea. I grew up in Brockton an now I live in the city down here so I do not have any survival skills.

  5. what if youre young with not alot of cash and your parents are dumbed down and wont invest in a bug out bag. what does one do? is there a cheaper way of getting hold of these things? please help. i live in lafayette Louisiana

  6. Hi Richie, thank you for your youtube videos. they are really informative and changed my perspective. I need some help regarding buying and filling up a bug out bag for me and my 2 kids. Is it possible to email you?

  7. Subscribed! So nice to see people helping each other out. At this point there are a large number of us "awake" and preparing- we are all desperate for this practical advice.

    Much love to my American friends, from 🇨🇦
    Don't ever let them take your guns! Canada is now the Gunless Great Wimp North and I don't want it to happen in your beautiful country!

  8. Your kindness BROUGHT TEARS😹 to my eyes truly… You are absolutely practicing what you're preaching not only are you waking people up via YOUTUBE BUT YOU ARE helping people out physically.. Very honorable!! I found out about your channel through A CALL FOR UPRISING!!! YOU ARE A STAND UP GUY!!! GOD BLESS!!! IM NOW A NEW SUB!!!!👍🙏😇

  9. bro… couple things buddy

    what was your MOS and ty for helping others to friendly advice I have seen most of your subscriptions and at least half of them are not good channels mainly disinformation .. do not trust nobody on any information until you triple check that information to see if it is the truth or not. I don't think any of us will ever know the whole truth until after the revolution because the Zionist and the Vatican holds all the truth and real history but because you and me are not in high-ranking secret societies we will never know until after the revolution where did you take your survival training?

  10. Bug out bag? Good Luck! When it hits the fan and if you are in a city you are done. you're going to have to bop your way out. You have to bug out now. Sell your shit . Buy a dirt cheap place few acres and plan it out,  I did. Got two. creeks and all. But…. even with solar and forest and food and game and water and firewood and woodsman skills…….when I'm doing fine while others are starving and they want what's mine,  it will be hitting the fan for me too. Good luck,   Oh,, salt, vinegar, booze, ammo….etc   in my bug out stash!

  11. Daniel mcmahan I don't know where that is. I moved to Toccoa from PA then Lavonia. Lake Hartwell. Best street Best peeps we all get along. Love it here. It's WHY I'm always inviting people to free vacation and chill here.

  12. Hi Richie, hehe I have three children. Thank you so much for the bug out bags I greatly appreciate that you took the time to hand pick items of high quality and items specific to what me and my family will need for survival. I also appreciate you taking the time to talk with me regarding ideas for learning how to properly use these items as well as lead me in the right direction with regards to learning survival skills. God Bless You!

  13. Wonder if city's small and large and towns have a secondary/back up electrical plans, a city the size of 30k, and two towns one with 1k people and one with 14 k to 28 k in the summer months that I know of has zero back up electricity plans, yet they have expensive fireworks for the 4th of July, I have mentioned forming a committee to look into solar and wind back up system, only a couple of people on this special interest group were interested, I will keep trying to see if people will be interested in accomplishing a back up electrical system, it seems they are in cupcake land.

  14. Take a first aid course. Some small town fire stations give them for free or a small fee. As I always say, Pintrest is a great place for notes and info from home canning to off grid living. You tube is a great resource also!  My hubby is an over the road driver so I have to plan for a I'm home alone with the kids and he is stuck on the road. I try to teach my Teens skills they will need and how to cope and deal with the loss of Technology. Because lets face it, the teens will be hit the hardest, this is the only life they have known. Those of us raised before the 2000's aren't so spoiled with tech.

  15. Yo Richie great info always man, I would much appreciate a video on what it might be like trying to bug out of these cities, especially Boston, these winters are far more brutal than the summers. thanks for the time man.

  16. Guys it is great to prep but I dont think they want people all over. Right now they know who is and where and how many. I believe it will be a Nibiru in coming which most know can not get thru the firmiment but they will multiple Emp and this will trigger unknown virus which brings in marshal law thru quarantine. This will lock it down but can you imagine folks on life or death meds or worse psyc meds that u can not stop taking or u risk the chance of seeing little green men literally. Lot of regular folks could go upside down I think someone haswna better plan and will come in when the time is at hand. What good is power when their is no one left to rule they will die from withdrawl. Good vid bro


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